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Welcome to Aquariumfreaks.com, a blog site that absolutely created for aquarium lovers.

As an aquarium keeper and as well as an experienced person in the aquarium hobby, I created this blog site to share my knowledge and my personal experience with the people who are already in and about starting the aquarium hobby. I have more than 5 years of experience in the aquarium stuff and the freshwater aquariums are my favorite.

I created this blog site to share what I know about aquarium topics by writing interesting articles and to keep communicating with the other experienced aquarium keepers.

The Aquariumfreaks.com is a freshwater aquarium blog which is writing articles about various freshwater aquarium topics. This blog site also acts as the official blog for the “Tech Nova” aquarium YouTube channel. Anyone can easily and freely read articles of this blog without getting any memberships.

The main purpose of the blog articles is to give a clear idea for beginners who are interested to keep a well-maintained fish tank at home. On the other hand, this simple blog site will help its readers to share ideas and knowledge with other readers through commenting on the posts.

The blog site is providing rich contented articles to its readers using various different freshwater categories. Fish caring, fish variations, fish basics, and freshwater topics are the main categories of this blog site. The readers and the followers of this blog site can easily browse through categories to find interesting articles that suite their interests.

As the author and the creator of this blog, I am always using my maximum effort to share well-detailed articles with rich content and well related to the topics.

Aquariumfreaks.com is always focusing to share useful articles to its users. This blog also provides social sharing buttons for each post to make easy to share interesting articles with the other peoples through social media.

I hope you will learn something by reading the Aquariumfreaks.com and as well as share your knowledge with others through our comment box. The followers and readers can always contact us by visiting the blog site’s “contact us” page. As the author of the articles, I am happy to hear from you.

Samz from www.aquariumfeaks.com