Best Betta fish tank mates in 10 gallon

Betta fish is a trendy freshwater fish with an awesome, beautiful, and unique look.

Even though they are really beautiful, Betta fish tank mates are such an important thing to consider.

The reason that Betta fish hard to keep most of the other fish is, the Betta fish is getting aggressive quickly.

The aggressive behavior of this fish is natural and it’s their nature. Also, they are even getting aggressive over them.

This is why considering the best betta fish tank mates is very important. Otherwise, the tank will be a mess.

In this article, I am going to talk about what are the best tank mates for betta fish in 10 gallons of freshwater fish tanks.

Facts need to consider when selecting a tank mate

Let’s first discuss what should be the characteristics of the fish to become a tank mate for our super start, the Betta fish.

Well for that, first we should consider, what are specialties and the known characteristics of the Betts fish.

Male Betta fish

The Betta fish is a fast swimmer, they are ready to attack always when they feel a threat.

If you have closely monitored a Betta fish, you may be seen that their like to spend most of their time near the top level part of the tank.

So. now we clear what facts we should consider when selecting the best Betta fish tank mates.

First, you should make sure that the tank mate is a fast swimmer too. Because slow swimmers can be a victim.

Second, the tank mate should be a peaceful one, since the Betta fish is a fighter and gets aggressive quickly.

Peaceful tank mates will have a higher chance to live without getting in trouble with your Betta fish.

The third most important thing is it’s better, the tank mate is not spending much time near the top level of the tank.

In this way, there is less chance that the other fish will have less chance to invade each other’s private territory.

So the fish species mostly spend their time bottom of the tank will be the best fit.

Also, the aquarium fish species which are spending most of their type the middle of the aquarium also would be ok with Bettas.

And the last main fact is, the tank mates and the count of tank mates should match a 10 gallons tank.

What are the best Betta fish tank mates

After some bunch of details and considerations, here we are going to discuss our main topic.

Here I am going to write about a list of fish that we can add as Betta mates in 10 gallons tank.



One of the well-known fish is swim and stays near the bottom of the fish tank.

Corydoras also known as Cory catfish and since they live in the bottom line, they are going to be ok with Bettas.

This fish is a schooling fish, so there should be at least 4 of them together with a Betta.

Since the water condition requirements are ok and since they are bottom guys, they are good with the Betta fish.

If we go back to the facts we discuss, corydoras are also fast swimmers in the bottom of your tank.

Neon tetra

Another quite popular little aquarium fish in many countries with an attractive look.

This fish is relatively peaceful, and have some bright colors, Even if they are bright, they are fast.

So with enough space Neon tetra will be a good tank mate for the Betta fish.

The neon tetra is also a schooling fish so make sure you add at least 5 of them together.

Also same as the Betta fish, Neon tetra is also sensitive to water conditions.

Harlequin Rasboras

The third place in this article is for another fantastic little fish which is Harlequin Rasbora.

This fish is a beautiful and a good active fish for a freshwater aquarium.

Same as the other two types above, the Harlequin Rasbora is also a schooling fish. And the good thing is they good with Bettas.

In 10 gallons of a tank, and since they are schooling fish, a maximum of 5 Rasboras are good to go in your tank.

Zebra Danio

Zebra Danio | Ruaraidh Gillies | Flickr
Zebra Danio | Ruaraidh Gillies | Flickr

I am sure you must hear about this little and highly active fish in freshwater fish tanks.

The name zebra came up with their look. Even though they are smaller they are really fast and active in your tank.

Again it’s a schooling fish. So at least 5 of them are good to add into 10 gallons of fish tank

This one is a peaceful fish, hardy fish, and a fast swimmer, So they satisfy some good conditions to become a Betta fish tank mate.

Ember Tetras

How to forget Ember Tetra, when talking about tetras. This fish is also highly popular and available.

This fish is simply a peaceful fish and you should add 4 to 5 of them together in 10 gallons tank.

The best thing is, Ember Tetra is also an active swimmer with peaceful behavior.

Also, in addition. This is one of the best fish for a freshwater community fish tank.

Cherry Barb


Barbs are always good freshwater aquarium fish to have. Cherry barb of one of the best of them.

This smaller and more peaceful fish is also a good Betta tank mate. They are not top swimmers as well.

Cherry Barb with the other fish above, will make a complete aquarium for you.

You can add 5 – 6 Cherry barbs to a 10-gallon tank. Adding more than 4 of them is good.

Pearl Danio

Another Danio fish species also become the best tank mate for the Betta fish. This fish is the same as zebra danio.

The condition and requirements are mostly the same for this fish same as the zebra danio fish.

Pearl Danio is also an active swimmer and likes to live in a group. Also, this fish is a fast mover.

This fish is also not a top-level swimmer in the fish tank. so not much get involved with Betta fish.


Betts fish is an attractive and highly popular freshwater fish in the aquarium industry.

In some countries, they have also known as the “Fighter fish” and ” Siamese fighting fish” as well.

Even though these are highly attractive fish, they get quite aggressive quickly. The Male fish is the most beautiful one.

You cannot keep 2 males together as they will become deadly fighters. Also, not all other freshwater fish types can live with Betta.

That’s why we need to be careful when selecting the right tank mates for the Betta fish.

This article informs you about some of the best Betta fish tank mates for your 10 gallons tank.

There are some more you can add as tank mates for this beautiful fish. you also may add them in the below comment box.

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