Types of tetras you must know

The Tetra is an amazing fish for freshwater aquariums. There are various types of tetras you can add to your freshwater aquarium.

Tetra fish are not hard to fish to keep and care for. There is commonly a friendly aquarium fish with a small size. There are a lot of different types. You must select the best tetra fish for your aquarium.

If you are a Tetra fish lover, this article will be something that you like to read. In this article, I will share information about some popular tetra fish varieties.

Common facts about the Tetra fish

In this section, I’m going to talk about common facts belongs most different types of tetra fish. To have a better understanding of them Its nice to know these.

The name “Tetra” is a common name. It refers to many different sizes of smaller characiform freshwater fish. They are color full and some of the like neon tetras are highly colorful and attractive.

The size of the Tetr fish is different by their Tetra species. Commonly, they are mostly not bigger than the 2 inches (Not all). Most types of tetras are popular in the freshwater aquarium industry.

The lifespan has differed from the Tetra fish type. But nice to know that most of the Tetra types have a longer lifespan. As an example, the Neon tetra has around 6 -10 years of lifespan.

Most of the tetra fish types like to live as small groups. So having 4 – 6 tetras in your fish tank is an ideal decision.

Tetras are normally friendly fish. They can be peaky sometimes, But the common behavior is they are not classified as aggressive fish.

Tetra fish types are a good selection for your planted tank. They like to live in a planted environment and they are one of the best fish for planted tanks.

Commonly most smaller freshwater fish types are good tank mates for the tetra fish. They also can live with some unharmful semi-large aquarium fish types.

Alright, these are some common facts related to any type of tetras. But each type of them has its own look and behaviors. let’s discuss this in detail.

The most famous types of tetras

There are a lot of types of tetras. you can classify at least 150 different types of tetra fish around the world. From all of them, I am here going to discuss some most popular tetra fish varieties.

Neon Tetra Fish

Neon Tetra fish

This is one of the most popular and high attractive tetra fish types in freshwater aquariums. They are highly popular in most countries.

This tetra fish species is related to cardinal tetra. They looks also closer but they have a clear difference if you look at them carefully.

This fish is small, yet really beautiful. The max size of the Neon tetra is about 1.5 inches. They can grow smaller than that as well.

The neon tetra is a schooling fish, They must keep as groups. Having at least 4 of them is an ideal solution for Neon tetra fish. A large group of them makes them happy. This is a good community tank fish.

If you planning to have Neon tetras in your freshwater aquarium, You must consider the water condition of your fish tank.

Because Neon tetras are sensitive to water parameters. They are not classified as the best fish for beginners, but having a better understanding will not make it hard.

They have a neon color strip that is glowing into the lights. This makes them different and most popular from other tetra fish variations.

Cardinal Tetra


Another cool Tetra fish type with a similar look to Neon tetra fish. But, they are different. Cardinal tetra fish look so similar to Neon tetra fish in look and colors.

Also, the behavior is closer to the Neon tetra fish. This fish is also will grow up to 1.6 inches in size. The size bit bigger than the Neon tetra. That’s one identical difference between Neon and Cardinal tetra fish.

The Cardinal Tetra fish is also a glowing beautiful fish for freshwater tanks with better lighting. This makes the Cardinal Tetra attractive.

This Tetra fish type is also an ideal selection for planted tanks. So you can add them to your list of best fish for planted tanks.

In nature, they are living in rivers and lakes. Cardinal tetra like to live as groups. So adding at least 4 of them will be good for their health and living style.

Since Cardinal tetra fish is not much bigger in the size, they are good for smaller freshwater tanks as well. But you should make sure there is enough space in the tank for the group of them.

When considering the price and availability, Cardinal tetra is not much expensive in price. Also, they are easy to find in many countries.

Serpae Tetra

serpae_tetra_fish | wikimedia_commons


This is another best and a most well-known fish when talking about types of tetras. The Serpae Tetra is a beautiful and attractive fish from the tetra fish family.

These tetra fish also have some different names such as Jewel tetra, Minor tetra, and Callistus tetra. These all are the same fish with different names.

This tetra fish has an attractive flame color. The Serpae Tetra is a schooling fish and is highly popular in freshwater community aquariums.

An adult Serpae tetra fish will grow to the size of 1.75 inches. It means about 4.5cm. Also, the Serpae tetra fish have a lifespan of 5 years.

This fish required a minimum of 20 gallons of tank size. They also like to live as groups. This beautiful freshwater fish is also a good choice for your planted fish tank.

Ember Tetra

Ember Tetra is another most popular tetra fish variety from the tetra fish family. This is small fish and also a very peaceful fish.

This tetra fish type is a good community fish. Their look also awesome. You can find the Ember tetra as one of the most beautiful tetra varieties.

These types of tetras have an orange color in their body. Ember tetra has a glow bright orange color in its body. This color makes them stand out.

Ember tetra is an easy fish to care for. An adult tetra fish will grow up to 1 inch of the size. This fish is also one best fish for planted tanks.

Some aquarium experts introduce this tetra fish type as must-have fish in your tetra fish collection and one of the most ideal fish for a planted tank environment.

Diamond Tetra

Diamond tetra

The Diamond Tetra fish is the 5th tetra type on my list. This fish is also one of the most beautiful freshwater fish for freshwater fish tanks.

They called Diamond Tetra by their look. They have a solid pattern of look with kinda closer to the Diamond and Silver color.

Also, by their color patterns, they are shining bright to the light as a Diamond shining into lighting. So they called Diamond Tetras.

If we talk more about their look. This beautiful type of tetras has a red color bright outline on the top of their eyes. Also, their body mixed with Ash, Silver, Yellow, and green colors.

This is another one best fish for your planted community aquarium. They are peaceful and a good community fish with the same sized smaller fish.

Diamon tetras reach about 2.3 inches in size. They also have a good life span of 3 to 6 years. Also, this fish is not a hard fish to breed.

Rummy Nose Tetra

Rummy_nose_tetra_fish | wikimedia commons

One of the cutest types of tetras. They can easily find between other tetra fish types. Because they have an interesting look.

The Rummy nose tetra has a bright red-head. This look makes them stand out from other tetra fish types. Their look is the main reason for their name as well.

An adult Rummy nose fish will grow up to 1.5 inches. They have a thin look. This fish is not hard to care for. That also makes them popular.

Another main reason they become popular is, they have a good lifespan. A healthy Rummu nose tetra fish can live up to 5 to 6 years.

This fish is a peaceful fish and a good one for your community fish tank. Also, if you are a planted tank lover, here is another best fish for planted tanks.

Same as other most of smaller types of tetras, this tetra variety also love to live as a group. So having a group of them good from their side.

Black Skirt Tetra

Black skirt Tetra
Black skirt Tetra

Black skirt tetra is another most popular tetra fish variety in the freshwater aquarium. They are also known as the black tetra in some countries.

This fish is easy to find in most countries and not an expensive fish. There is another variety called White Skirt Tetra which are looks the same but different in the color.

This fish has a unique look with its fins. The fin looks like a skirt. That gives them an outstanding look when in an aquarium.

If we talk more about their look. They have black and silver mixed colors with a stripe design. Also, this fish is one best for your planted tanks.

The max size of this fish is about 3 inches. Also, this fish is not a hard fish to care for. Black Skirt Tetra is a good fish for aquarium beginners as well.

This fish needs a minimum of 15 – 20 gallons of tank size to live in an aquarium. The lifespan of the Black Skirt Tetra is about 3 – 5 years.

Lemon Tetra

Another attractive freshwater tetra fish that gives a beautiful yellow color to your aquarium. Their fins have a nice yellow color while the body has a silver and yellow mixed color.

Lemon Tetra is another popular tetra fish type that can see in many countries. This fish is a peaceful freshwater fish. So u can add them with peaceful tank mates.

Since the Lemon Tetra likes to live as a group as most other types of tetras, it’s better to add at least 6 of them into your freshwater community fish tank.

An adult Lemon Tetra fish will grow to a maximum of 1.5 inches in size. They need at least a 20 gallons tank to live peacefully.

This fish is one of the best fish for beginners.  That’s means you don’t much worry about caring for them as the Lemon Tetra is easy to care for.

This little guy has one of the best life spans from tetra fish varieties. A healthy adult Lemon tetra will live up to 8 years.

Penguin Tetra

An attractive freshwater fish from the Tetra fish family. This fish is beautiful with a black line on its body. The main colors of the fish are silver and black.

The black line goes till the start of its tail. On the top of the body and the bottom of it has a natural silver color.

Penguin Tetra is also liked to live as a group. At least the size of them will make a good group. Schooling the Penguin Tetra will help them to grow and stay healthy.

This tetra fish variety is not a hard fish to care for. Also, this is another tetra fish that you can add to your freshwater planted tank fish list.

This fish is commonly available in many countries. Also, they are not high in price. Penguin Tetra is a peaceful fish and a good fish to your community fish tank.

This is a good fish for beginners. A healthy adult fish will grow up to 3 inches in size. Penguin Tetra needs a minimum of 30 gallons of fish tank as their minimum tank size.

Congo Tetra

Congo-tetra-fish | wikimedia commons

This is one of the most beautiful Tetra fish from the tetra fish family. Because of its beauty, Congo tetra become highly popular quickly in the aquarium industry.

The body of this fish has mostly iridescent blue color. Also, there are some other colors on the body like Gold, Shine Yellow, and Orange.

The fins are different from this Tetra fish variety, Congo Tetra has long fins thank most other Tetra fish types. They have beautiful and longer fins.

This fish a good for planted tank backgrounds and they look to stand out over your aquarium decorations. Because of their color, they stand out in your aquarium.

Max size of this fish is about 3-3.5 inches. This is peaceful fish and an ideal solution for your freshwater community fish tank.


This article was about 10 different types of Tetra fish which a highly popular and easy to find in freshwater aquariums.

There are many different types of Tetra fish varieties in the world. From them, there 10 Tetras are highly popular in the freshwater aquarium industry.

If you thinking to have a freshwater fish tank with Tetra fish types, this article might help you to get an idea about which tetra types you can add based on your aquarium type.



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