The best fish for planted tanks

The planted tanking concept has become very popular in the aquarium world these days. Also, this aquarium concept is rapidly growing and improving. So in this article, I am going to talk about the best fish for planted tanks

Since this segment is helping people to mix the beauty of nature inside their home aquariums, many people are turning in to this planted tanking concept.

In planted tanks, the primary focusing thing is the plants that we can add in a home aquarium. There are various aquarium plants we can use for this.

The second most important thing that gets focus in a planted tank is the fish types that we can add for such an environment. In this article, I am mainly focusing on that part of the planted tank concept.

Selecting a fish to add in a planted aquarium

Before talking about the best fish for planted tanks, there are so many variations of fish we can see in the freshwater world. Throughout them, some fish become perfect matches for aquariums. From those fish variations, there are a few types of fish that we can keep nicely in a planted environments.

Now you might think that all these fish are originally from a natural environment, so that means those fish should be good in a planted environment too. If you think like that, that’s wrong.

That true that most of the fish are originally from a natural environment (ex: rivers), even though some fish breed in tanks, they can add in a planted environment without any kind of trouble.

So the next question is which fish are the best for planted tanks?

Well, when choosing a fish to add in your planted environment, the first thing is to consider is that the fish you are going to add should not destroy your planted tank setup.

Some fish out their can eat or cut out most of the plants in your planted tank within a day. So we should really care when selecting a fish for our planted tank setup.

Which fish types are the best fish for planted tanks?

Here now we came to the best part of this article. In this section, I’m going to talk about which fish types we can add into a planted tank and I am going to name a few of them here with some basics detail for each so can get a clear idea. Alright, let’s dig into it.

Tetra fish

Tetras will be a good choice for a planted tank. They are small in size and love to live in a planted based environment. There are so many variations of tetra fish also, such as Neon Tetra, Cardinal Tetra, Penguin Tetra and many more.

This little freshwater fish will increase the beauty of your planted tank and they will help to control the algae.

Swordtail fish

Swordtails are another perfect choice to add in a planted tank. They are also smaller in size and they are from livebearer family.

They have some colour ranges like from red-yellow to dark. These colour variations will be looks awesome in green backgrounds. This fish is active and not harm the beautiful plants in your aquarium.


This one is also small size fish and they are really beautiful. Killifish have many variations also. These fish have a wide range of color variation which suitable for planted tanks.

From the different types of killifish, Lyretail killifish, flagship types are most suitable for planted environments. Striped panchax also will be a good variation.

Barb fish

There is a lot of type barb fish in the freshwater aquarium world. Most of them are perfect matches for a planted tank. Barb is also smaller fish in size and really active.

Barbs are come with many different color variations and patterns by their types. By those Barb types, Tiger Barb, Black/White Skirt Barb, Rosy Barb, Green Barb are most famous in planted tanking concept.

Guppy fish

Guppy is also a great selection to add to your planted aquarium. This freshwater fish also one member of the livebearer fish family. And can consider as one of the best fish for a planted tank.

Since they have many different variations, they have all most every color you can imagine. Most of the guppies have a lovely tail which gives an additional beauty for your planted tanks.

Gourami fish

Another good fish to add in a planted aquarium is Gourami fish. There are several Gourami types. But not all ok with the planted tanks

As an example, you cannot add giant Gourami in planted tanks. Blue Gourami and Dwarf Gourami like a smaller type of Gourami is a good fish to add to your planted tanks.


Freshwater Angelfish types are also one of the best fish for planted tank. They are one commonly used fish type in planted tanking concept.  Angelfish are love to live in planted environments.

Angelfish also looking really lovely in planted environments. This fish is safe to add in a planted environment and also very easy to find in most of the countries. You must need to consider about the water condition and CO2 level of the tank when having Angelfish.


Here I have written about a few fish types that will be the best fish for planted tanks. But there are more fish types that we can successfully add into planted tanks.

As a summary, all the livebearers are perfect to add in a planted tank. Most of the smaller types of Barbs, Tetras, Killifish types, Danio fish, Angelfish, Discus fish types and other most smaller freshwater fish types are great fish to add in a planted tank. I have shared a YouTube video about the best fish for the planted tanks on my YouTube channel. I will attach it below here.


This video is showing you 20 different types of fish with their names that can add to your planted tanks. But this video is only limited to 20 types. There are more fish we can add to the planted tanks. You may share them in the comment box to share with others.

The basic thing needs to consider when selecting a fish for a planted tank is, we need to search that the fish if ok to live in a planted tank and will they can harm the tank setup. Because maintaining a planted tank is not a simple task as we can see.

We always need to take care of water conditions, lighting to the tank and clean up when having a planted tank. But trust me guys having a planted tank is a super great experience. It has the true beauty of nature.

So in this article, I tried to cover up about the fish we can add into a planted tank. I hope you guys feel it nice to read. Don’t forget to share with friends and add a comment below.


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