Top 10 none aggressive aquarium fish types

There are so many none aggressive aquarium fish types we can easily find and add to our freshwater aquariums.

Also, there are many ways we can categorize these aquarium fish types. In this article, I consider fish as one of the most important behavior.

As you can see in the topic, I am going to talk about 10 different types of best none aggressive aquarium fish types that you can add to your freshwater fish tank.

The aggressiveness of the fish can come with their nature. Some of them are getting aggressive in the environment in which they are living.

This can come with various factors such as stress. And there also there are more many factors to consider about this.

But here I am specifically considering the aquarium fish that are none aggressive by their nature and can easily add to a community fish tank.

After reading this article you will get a clear idea of which fish types are the best for your freshwater community fish tank.

Neon Tetra

From the all different kind of Tetra fish types, the Neon Tetra is one of the most popular tetra fish for many years

I have written a fully detailed article about the Neon Tetra fish you can read by the above link.

This fish is one of the most peaceful that really non-aggressive freshwater fish for a community fish tank.

I have never seen they are getting aggressive. The only thing is they need their own water parameters to live with.

You can read more about them in the linked article I have mentioned above in the first paragraph under this topic.

This fish is highly popular in most countries, So it’s not hard to find them and they are not so much expensive.

But, do not add them with big fish types. Also, make sure you have a group of them together.

However when thing about non-aggressive freshwater aquarium fish for a community tank, the Neon tetra is at the top of the list.

Platy fish

platies-fish | Royalty-free-JuanCarlosPalauDia | pixabay

If you know about livebearer fish types, you must hear about the Platy fish. Because they are one of the most popular livebearer types.

Platies are easy to keep and easy to care for. Also, they are good to live with many other same-size freshwater tank mates.

Platy fish is also a good fish for keeping planted tanks. They are living peacefully with each other.

This livebearer is a colorful, hardy fish, and also Platies are easy to breed as they are livebearers.

There are a lot of different platy fish varieties most of them is growing to around 2-3 inches which is an easy fish type to keep in a fish tank.

Platies will live up to 3-4 years when they are in a healthy environment. That’s a good life span for an ordinary aquarium fish.

Guppy fish

Guppy fish

Guppy fish is another top popular livebearer fish around the world. Also, they are commonly a none aggressive aquarium fish.

There are a lot of different Guppy varieties around the world. Also, they can be categorized by various criteria.

Guppies have a peaceful nature. This makes them great fish for a community aquarium fish tank.

The male guppy fish is the most beautiful than the female fish. Also, female fish is larger in body size and small in tail size.

This fish is also a perfect match for your planted aquarium. Also, they love to live with plants.

A male guppy fish will grow up to 1.4 inches and a female guppy fish will grow up to 2.4 inches.

Guppies typically live around 2 years. That’s a pretty good lifespan for a smaller freshwater fish.

Harlequin Rasbora

Another best community freshwater fish is also a none aggressive aquarium fish.

Harlequin Rasbora is also know as the “Red Rasbora”. This is a very easy fish to take care of.

This fish is also not a big freshwater fish. An adult fish will grow up to approximately 1.75 inches.

When comparing with the previous none aggressive aquarium fish types, This one has a bigger lifespan.

A healthy Harlequin Rasbora can live up to 6 years in your community or planted fish tank based on their environmental conditions.

When thinking about a healthy environment for this fish, they need at least 10 gallons of the tank with 73F – 82F water temperature.

Zebra Danio

Zebra Danio | Ruaraidh Gillies | Flickr
Zebra Danio | Ruaraidh Gillies | Flickr

How to forget Zebra Danio when we are about talking about freshwater fish that are not aggressive.

This is a smaller freshwater fish that has cool look and very active behavior in your freshwater fish tank.

The maximum size of the zebra danio is 2 inches. They love to live in groups.

Zebra danio is also one of the best selections for your freshwater-planted fish tanks. They love to live in a planted tank.

These fish need at least a 10-gallon of a fish tank. But the better the tank space will be good to them.

But there is one thing to be added. These fish are not aggressive but can be fin nippers for some slow-moving fish types.

Siamese Algae Eater

The Siamese Algae eater is another peaceful community aquarium fish you can easily find in local aquarium stores.

They also help you to control the algae in your fish tank. That will be another important benefit you will get with this fish.

So that simply means this guy should be a top-level member of your fish tank cleanup squad.

An adult fish can grow up to 6 inches. So if you are going to have one in your tank make sure they have enough space.

So what did I mean by enough tank space? This fish required a minimum of 30 gallons of the fish tank to live peacefully.

Cory catfish

Cory catfish

There is no way to forget this cute little fish when discussing the best none aggressive aquarium fish types.

The Cory catfish or the “Corydoras” is also a pretty good fit for a peaceful community fish tank.

This is a calm fish and can find in various different varieties. Also, each variety has its own colors.

The specialty of the Cory catfish is, they don’t harm or attach other fish in your tank even when they are under stress.

This makes them a sweet and decent fit for a freshwater community fish tank.

Cory Catfish is one of the best examples of the best freshwater aquarium fish combination

By variety, An adult Cory catfish can grow up to 1 – 4 inches in size. And they are not hard to keep in your aquarium.

The minimum tank size for this fish needs to be between 30 – 40 gallons of a fish tank.

Pearl Gourami

Again, This is a sweet and attractive-looking fish for a community fish tank.

If you love gourami fish types, You must know about Pearl Gourami. This is also one of the best fish for you.

Normally, the Pearl Gourami is not an aggressive fish. But can be a bit hard on behavior, when it’s their breeding season.

This Gourami variety not giving you any trouble by adding them to your freshwater community fish tank.

When considering their color patterns, this is also getting a stunning look when they are in a planted fish tank.

An adult Pearl gourami fish can grow up to 5 inches. Since that, they need at least 30 gallons of a fish tank to live in.

Cherry Barb

Barb-fish-types – Ther Cherry Barb

This a well-known Barb fish between the Barb fish lovers. Also a pretty decent fit for a community fish tank.

This Barb fish has a stunning look with its colors. Also, this is a fantastic freshwater fish for your community fish tank.

If you are looking for a colorful non aggressive freshwater fish, the Cherry barb fish is one of them.

This is a kind of rare fish and mostly can find in Sri Lanka and Central America.

The Cherry Barb is a very peaceful fish, So you must add them to your list of none aggressive aquarium fish types.

From most of the barb fish varieties, the Cherry Barb fish become highly popular since their look and fewer maintenance requirements.

An adult cherry Barb fish will grow up to 2 inches and 35 gallons size of a tank is best for them.

Molly fish


It’s another highly popular livebearer variety. The Molly fish quite looks similar to the Platy fish.

This fish is a great selection for a community fish tank. They come in different color patterns.

Molly fish is also one the best for a planted tank. There are several varieties of them. Some are also different in shape (Baloon Molly).

For this fish, most of the maintenance requirements, behaviors, and living requirements are quite the same as the other livebearers.

Mollies will grow up to 3.5 – 4 inches. As the minimum tank size, a 20 gallons tank would be enough.


This article shares the basic details about the 10 best types of none aggressive aquarium fish types you can into community fish tanks.

These fish are peaceful in their nature and very easy to care for. They are also getting low cost in maintenance.

There are lot more freshwater aquarium fish you can add to this list. I invite you to comment on them below the comment box.

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