The best fish for eating algae in aquariums

If you have a fish tank you might also be suffering from algae problems. There are several ways we can control the algae. There is also a natural solution for that, which is adding algae eaters. In this article, you can get to know about the best fish for eating algae in your aquariums.

When you adding fish to your tanks, you can add them in a tricky way, As an example as well the fancy fish types you can some bottom feeders which help to clean the left out food and etc of the bottom of the tank.

Same as that you can add some fish and Shrimps which eat the algae as their food. They will help you to control the algae level of your fish tank.

There are several types of aquarium algae eaters we can add in our freshwater fish tanks.

From all of them, this article mainly focuses on the best fish for eating algae in your aquariums.

Importance of having algae eater fish in tanks

As described in the first paragraphs, Algae eater fish will help you to control the algae growth of your fish tank.

when talking about algae there are some disadvantages as well as some kind of advantages havening algae in a tank. But when you are having a fish tank at home it not nice to have algae in it which it makes very messy and dirty.

Few of algae will not harm your tank but growing them inside a tank will destroy the condition and beauty of it. It will end up become a bad place for the fish tank members.

There are several ways we control this algae growth, We can use some aquarium types of equipment to control this, we can use chemicals to control it.

Aquarium (Planted)

We can also add algae eating fish to the tank as tank members control it with a natural solution.

From the above three ways, the equipment might get a little expensive and it will not add beauty to your tank. Adding aquarium control chemicals are not a good choice.

It can harm your fish and plants. Chemicals are always not much good for natural life.

The last solution was adding fish for eating algae in aquariums.

This will be a good choice because this solution is a completely natural solution, So there will be not any harmful effects by adding algae eaters into your fish tanks. Also, these eaters have their own looks and behaviors, that will make your tank more beautiful.

The best Algae eating fish types and other algae eaters for your tank

Under this heading, I am going to name the best algae eaters that you can add to your fish tanks. These eaters will be easy to find and very famous among aquarium people.

Algae eating Snail

Siamese Algae Eater

As in its name, this fish is the most famous algae eater in the freshwater world. Also, this looks beautiful, This fish type is very active, always on their duty.

This fish a good addon for community tanks and will live nicely with a wide range of other smaller freshwater fish including Tetras, Barbs, Guppy, etc

The minimum tank size should 30-gallon for this fish. They will grow closer to inches.

The water pH condition should be between,  pH 6.5-7.0 and the water temperature should between  75-79F. This fish is good for your planted tanks also. And will be one of the best solutions for algae.

Siamese Flying Fox

This another good algae eater for your fish tank. Flying Fox fish look similar to the Siamese Algae Eater. But thy are not the same.

This fish also very active and a good cleaner, They almost eat algae most of the time. This fish is good for planted tanks and mostly can see middle level – bottom level of the fish tank.

They need at least a 20 gallons tank. The care level for this is easy.

They will grow until 6-6.3 inches as an adult fish. When considering the tank environment, The pH count of the water should be between pH 5.5-7.5.

They like to eat algae as well as other vegetable foods. This is also a good community fish.

Bristlenose Plecos

This is a beautiful Pleco type that we can add to our freshwater aquariums. Bristlenose Pleco is also a good fish to control the algae.

They come with beautiful and various colors in their body and that will make them beautiful. This fish also the best algae eating fish.

The care level for this fish is easy. An adult fish can grow until 5 inches.

They need 25-gallons tanks as their minimum tank size. The Bristlenose Pleco can live with most of the community fish types.

When considering the water condition, the pH count should be between pH 6.5-7.5. This fish will be a great natural solution for your fish tank algae.

Twig Catfish

This is one of the best algae-eating catfish from the catfish family. These fish also have different kinds of unique fish that make viewers attractive.

The care level for this fish is between Easy to Intermediate. An adult Twig Catfish can grow until 4 inches of size.

They need to have at least a 12 gallons sized tank to have a better life inside an aquarium. The water pH condition should be between pH 6.0-8.0.

This fish is not ok will all the fish types but Tetras, Barbs are best with them. They are not good with aggressive types such as cichlids.

This fish will be a good algae eater for your freshwater fish tanks.

Otocinclus Catfish

This is another best algae eater from the Catfish family. Otocinclus Catfish is a smaller fish that mostly active in the bottom part of the tanks.

This fish is another great algae eater for your freshwater fish tank. This fish is good for planted tanks also.

The care level for this fish is between mid difficult level. Not easy or not much difficult. The maximum size for this fish is about 2 inches.

Otocinclus Catfish if good with any peaceful community fish. The minimum tank size for them should be at least 30 gallons tanks with pH 6.5-7.5 water. Should have driftwood or planted background.


Molly fish

The well-know Molly fish is also a good algae eater for your fish tank. Mollies are beautiful little fish and also a livebearer fish types.

They look beautiful since they come with various color mixes and patterns. The care level for this fish is very easy. They can grow the maximum 2 inches to 4 inches.

As the minimum tank size a 20-gallon tank with pH 7.5 – 8.5. water conditions will be good for them. Mollies are a good algae eater that you can easily add to your fish tank.

This fish is live peacefully with other livebearers smaller fish types. Molly fish will help you to keep your tank clean from the algae.

Ramshorn Snail

Why just the fish types? There are some Aquarium Snails will behave as an algae eater for your fish tank. The Ramshorn Snail is one type of algae-eating snail from them.

The care level for this algae eating Aquarium  Snail is easy. They are very easy to keep. They can grow the maximum to 2 inches.

As the minimum tank size, a 5-gallon tank is will be enough for this freshwater algae eater. They are good with all the peaceful freshwater fish types.

These Snails are also good for Planted tanks. This one will help you to reduce algae from your fish tank. But make sure not to overpopulate them.

Cherry Shrimp

Cherry shrimp

Not only freshwater fish and Aquarium Snails, But There are also some Aquarium Shrimp types we can add as one of the best algae eaters for a fish tank.

Between those Shrimp types, the Cherry Shrimp is acted as one of the best algae eaters. The care level for this Shrimp is at an easy level. They will wat mostly algae and left out food parts in tanks.

As the minimum tank size, they required to have at least a 2-gallon tank. The maximum size they can grow as an adult is about 1 – 1.6 inches.

These algae eater is compatible with all kinds of peaceful community fish types.


In this post, in the first paragraphs, I have mentioned about what are the ways you can use to control the algae in your fish tanks and what we are the best from them.

Then I have shared some basic details about a few algae-eating fish and other algae eaters which can introduce as the best fish and pets for eating algae.

By that, I tried to give you a complete guide of the best fish for eating algae. I have included an Aquarium algae eater shrimp and algae-eating Aquarium Snail to the list

Here I will share YouTube videos form my aquarium YouTube channel to get an idea about other algae eaters that we can add in our fish tanks.


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