The Coolest Freshwater Aquarium Fish Varieties

There are so many different freshwater fish types that you can add into your freshwater aquariums. Also, there are coolest freshwater aquarium fish would be perfect tankmates to our aquariums.

Choosing a fish for an aquarium can be changed by person to person and also it will depend on various categories.

Adding a new fish will be mostly based on the fish that already lives in the tanks. Also, when choosing a fish, the tank size, the environment type (planted tanks) and your interests will be affected.

This post would be cover-up about some coolest freshwater fish types that would be a perfect selection for you. I will also cover the most basics about each fish variety.

Keeping different yet matching varieties of aquarium fish in a home aquarium is making your aquarium set-up more and more beautiful.

This article will guide you and give you an idea of what kind freshwater fish types you can into your common freshwater aquariums.

The coolest Aquarium fish types for your tank

There are several famous freshwater fish types that are commonly loved by aquarium lovers. Let me introduce you to some coolest freshwater fish types.

1. Neon Tetra
Neon Tetra

This fish is one of small yet attractive freshwater tetra type. Neon Tetras are really famous between most of the freshwater aquarium keepers.

This fish love to live as groups and also best for planted aquariums. They have strong and eye-catching colours in their body.

This fish is a good addition for your freshwater community tank. Having a group will pop-up the beauty of your freshwater aquarium.

Trust you would gonna love this awesome tetra fish. You can simply refer my post about the neon tetra in this blog site investigate more and more about this little guy.

2. Red Tail Shark
Red Tail Shark |

This is another popular freshwater shark type in home aquariums. This fish has an attractive red colour tail and fins. While the tail and the fins have a bright red, their body is fully blackish.

These colours make the Red Tail Sharks have a very exotic look. This is active fish and getting aggressive sometimes. But not highly harmful to other fish.

There is a chance some other fish like Goldfish get chased by them.

This fish is required at lease a 55 gallons fish tank to live peacefully.  When this fish with other freshwater fish types its nice to build some hiding spots in the tanks.

3. Betta Fish

Betta fish

I am sure all you guys are very well know about this fish. Bettas are highly attractive and have larger tails and fins.

There are several different betta fish types we can see in the freshwater aquariums. All of these varieties have a uniquely different attractive look in them.

They have very bright colours and a lot of different colour variations. They are small in size and no need to have a very bigger aquarium to live.

The same gender of this fish should not keep in the same aquarium. Betta fish is getting aggressive over same genders (specially males) in same tanks.

The male fish look very attractive than the female one. The female fish has lover tail and less brighten colours when comparing to the male betta fish.

4. Glassfish

Glassfish is another very unique looking fish types in the freshwater fish tanks.  Even the other fish types have brightened colours, the Glassfish has a transparent looking body.

This transparent look of them makes them unique. That uniqueness of this fish makes the popular among freshwater aquarium keepers.

So this is fish is absolutely a coolest freshwater fish variety to have in your freshwater aquariums. Having unique types of fish ina aquarium make the aquarium looks unique too.

The Glassfish is a good tank mate same and medium-size freshwater fish types. They are peaceful and do not harm any other fish in your fish tank.

5. Dwarf Gourami

Dwarf-Gourami-best -fish-for-20-gallon-tank
Dwarf Gourami

This is another beautiful fish from the Gourami fish family. The Dwarf Gourami has an attractive look by the colour pattern they have in their body.

This is a medium-size fish and the size is will be about 2 inches. The name Dwarf also gives an idea about the size of this fish.

This fish usually have an orange and red mix colours and blue mix fins in it. These colours and patterns are really nice to see in a planted aquarium also.

The Dwarf Gourami is a peacefully and a good community fish for your freshwater aquarium. Being a good community fish and attractive look make them a one of a coolest freshwater aquarium fish variety.

This fish doesn’t require a larger fish tank. You can keep them in the minimum a 5-gallons fish tank. This also makes them a great choice.

6. Killifish
Killifish | –

Alright, This another perfect choice for your freshwater aquarium. The Killifish is also one a coolest freshwater aquarium fish variety that you have in your freshwater fish tanks.

This fish has a beautify and attractive look. But yet them bit hard to keep. And this fish is can be rare in some countries.

The reason to keep them hard is, this fish quite sensitive to the water quality of the fish tank. So if you gonna have them in your aquarium, you must care about water quality always.

These fish can get aggressive with male to male. So it’s nice to have a limited number of Killifish in your aquarium.

Also, you should take care of the water level of your tank. And it’s nice to have a roof in your fish tank since they are great tank jumpers.

7. Angelfish

Freshwater Angelfish

We can see Angelfish is freshwater as well as in marine water (saltwater) aquariums. Here I’m talking about the freshwater Angelfish.

This is very common for most of the freshwater fish lovers.

There are some different varieties of angelfish we can add to our aquariums. This fish looks so cool. They have a wide flat body and long fins and tails.

These fish get categorized by their tail types and colours. Vail-tail Angelfish are also really popular in many countries.

This is normally a peaceful freshwater fish, but they also can get aggressive over smaller freshwater fish types.

8. Swordtails

Swordtail-fish | Kai Schreiber |
Swordtail fish | Kai Schreiber |

When talking about the Livebearers swordtails have ideal place. The Platies and Swordtails are both awesome fish for freshwater fish tanks.

Swordtails also have a number of different varieties. The long tail like a sword makes their name as the Swordtails. That a unique look they have.

The sword looking tail only having for the male fish. The female swordtail is normal looking fish and closer looks like a Platy fish.

This is also one from the coolest freshwater aquarium fish varieties. This fish is an active fish and good for planted tanks also.

You can keep them in a minimum 20-gallons fish tank. Since this fish is a Livebearer, they can have over 50 babies at one time.

9. Bloodfin Tetra

Bloodfin_Tetra-by chronotopian |
Bloodfin_Tetra-by chronotopian |

Tetras are usually cool fish to have. This is another small tetra fish type we can add into our freshwater aquariums.

The silver and green tint mix body and bright red mix fins make there really attractive. The look this fish will make them one from the coolest freshwater aquarium fish varieties.

This is a good fish for beginners. The reason for that is the Bloodfin tetras are not hard to care. But this fish is rare to find in some countries.

This freshwater fish also a good for your planted tank as well. They need to have at least a 20-gallons tank.

This tetra type is a peaceful fish type. So you can add them in a community tank with same-sized fish types easily.

10. Rainbow Fish

Freshwater Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow Fish is another awesome fish to add in a freshwater fish tank. This fish also popular in most of the aquarium lovers.

This fish is really colourful and have so many colour variations and mixed in them. The colour gets to change its colour to the light reflects.

This is a perfect fish for your planted tank. Make sure to give them a planted environment and enough space to swim.

These fish want to keep as a group at least with 5-6 members. This is a schooling fish. This fish is a very peaceful fish and a perfect to have in your freshwater aquariums.


In this article, I have written about 10 different coolest freshwater aquarium fish varieties that you can add into your freshwater aquarium.

For each fish, there is some basic detail you should know about them. I have linked useful links over my website which related to the details for each fish.

So you can get a nice idea for each fish easily. I hope you feel this article interesting. I would suggest you share it with your friends and read my other article on the website.

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