Different types of Betta fish for your tank

Betta fish is another very attractive and famous freshwater fish we can keep in our freshwater tanks. Same as most freshwater fish types there some types of Betta fish we can have in a freshwater fish tank.

This freshwater fish is getting aggressive with other betta fish in the same gender. They also know as “Fighter fish”, “Fighting fish” in some countries.

The main thing people love in this fish is, This fish is really beautiful and attractive. Betta fish have a very shiny mix of colors that are very unique.

Basic details of the Betta fish

These fish have become one of the most demand freshwater fish in the market today. Keeping a Betta fish in a home aquarium or in small table aquarium has become a trend of the people.

These fish have several variations. The male Betta fish is looking more attractive than the female Betta fish one.

Betta fish is usually a smaller fish type. They grow between  2.4 to 3.1 inches. The male fish will have a big tail and fins. When considering how long do betta fish live, the basic betta fish lifespan is about 2 years.

Betta fish

When you are thinking to have a Betta fish, You must care about the water condition, the temperature of the fish tank. Because Bettas are sensitive to those changes.

As the minimum tank size, these fish need to have at least 5 gallons tank to have a better aquarium life. Bettas are used to live in Asia, so if you have cold water better use a heater to the tank.

The temperature of the water should be in 75.2-80.5°F. The pH count should be between 6-8 pH.

When considering the care level of this fish, It cannot be recommended as an easy to care fish or very hard to care for fish. The thing you should know is, they really need a good caring to live in a fish tank.

As the betta fish tankmates, Cory Catfish, Harlequin Rasbora, Neon Tetras, Ember Tetra, Clown Pleco and Kuhli Loach can be added.

Several types of Betta fish

Now we came to the main section of this article, I am writing this article to explain the types of Betta fish. There are several different types or variations we can see in this freshwater fish.

The types of Bettas can categorize by various features. Here I am basically categorizing them by their tails types and few by the colors.

Halfmoon Betta

This is one Betta fish types that we can see in freshwater aquariums. They basically have a big tail that shaped circled like half of the moon.

This type is very beautiful and not an original wild type Betta fish.

Basically, these types are one of a bred in captivity fish type. The details and behaviours are very similar to other betta fish.

They will grow until like  2 inches to 3.1 inches. We need the same common water and tank conditions that I have explained in the earlier paragraphs.

Elephant Ear Betta

This is another most famous Betta fish type in Asian countries.  This Betta fish is very unique from their behaviours as well as in the shape.

They also know as “Dumbo Bettas” in some countries.

The left and right two fins they have kinda shape look like ears of an elephant. So they get this Elephant Ear Betta name by their fin shape.

This fish can see in the wild also. But maybe hard to find or rare to find in some countries.

Plakat Betta

Plakat Betta is another famous type of Betta fish between Betta keepers. When considered to the other Betta fish types, the Plakat Betta has a smaller rounded tail.

This Betta doesn’t have long fins also. It has shiny colors and sizes are the same. Also in this Betta variations, the male Betta fish have more colors and look than the female Betta fish.

This variation is a good fighting fish. So in some countries, they breed as fighting fish. This variation of fish also can find in the wild environment.

Veiltail Betta

This is one another most beautiful Betta fish type that we can see in freshwater aquariums. This Betta variation is very common and easy to find in most countries.

Same as the normal Betta fish, the male Betta fish has a long tail with many colors. It makes the male fish really attractive.

The female Betta fish of this variation is not looking beautiful. They also have some nice colors but tail and fins are smaller considered to the male fish. That will make them less attractive than the male Betta fish.

Crowntail Betta

Another most famous Betta fish variation. They are also very popular between Betta fish keepers.

The fins and tail of this fish are long and it also has a clown look by spiky tail parts. This unique and different look makes this Betta types very popular,

Same as common Betta fish types, the male of this variation more beautiful than the female one. Because the male Crowntail Betta fish has a long spiky tail and more shiny colors while the female fish has lighter colors with short tail and fins.

Crowntail Betta fish

Double Tail Betta

Its time to talk about another popular Betta fish type by its tail. The Double Tails Betta fish has two distinct tails.

The tail is long and widely spread. This type of Betta fish normally has a shorter body and long fins with long tails. This variation is some times common for all other Betta fish types.

The difference they have is, the tails separated into two distinct tails.

Delta Tail Betta

This is another Betts fish types that can categorize by its tail types. This Betta fish type has a longer tail. The tail of this Betta fish is closer loom to the delta sign.

The tail of the fish starts at a point and widely goes to the out like the triable shape of the delta sign.

This fish has a big tail and popular among most of the Betta fish keepers. In some countries, they also know as Super Delta tail Betta fish.

This is another type of attractive Betta fish in the Betta fish world.

Red Betta Fish

When categorizing Betta fish by colors, The Red Betta fish is really attractive and very popular between Betta fish lovers.

Normally most of the Betta variations have the red color mix in their body. But This variation comes with a fully blood-red color body, fins, and tails.

People love this Betta type because of the solid color they have. This color of Bettas can easily find in most of the tail type variations such as Vail tail, Plakat tail, etc.

This is also one of the higher demanded Betta fish in the freshwater aquarium fish market.

Red Betta fish

White Betta Fish

Same as the Red Betta fish, this also a common color variation of the Betta fish types.

This fish has a solid pure white color all over its body, tail, and fins. White Betta fish is highly attractive. This color variation also comes with many different tails patterns.

But the tail patterns like vail tail or double tails are the most beautiful Bettas from this color variation.

White Betta fish

Blue Betta Fish

Same as the other two, This also an attractive color variation of the Betta fish, Blue Bettas has a shiny blue color all over their body, find and tail.

The blue color is very shiny. Some fish have normal blue colors that not much shiny and still look really attractive.

This fish variation is also very popular because of the color difference they have. The most common blue color of them is the steel blue color.

Blue Betta fish

Mustard Gas Betta

Another Fish types that have lager fins and tails with various different corporations. So normally this Betta fish is a colored version that is not in one color.

This variation has a darker color body and beautiful colored fins and tails.

This Betta type is one of the most beautiful fish types from Betta fish varieties. The main reason for that is their color variation.


In this post, I tried to share some details about the Betta fish. In the first paragraphs and under the first heading, I have shared some basic detail that common for all the betta types.

Under the second topic, I have written about various Betta fish types that we can add in our fish tanks.

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