Discus fish care – The king of the aquariums

This post I am writing to talk about an awesome fish we can found in freshwater aquariums. This fish is really famous in most of the countries. They are common and really beautiful. Yes, I am talking about one of the most attractive freshwater fish in the aquarium world, The Discus fish and Discus fish care tips.

Some people introducing them as the “The King of the freshwater aquariums”. This fish is very common for most freshwater lovers since we can see them in most of every country. They are not cheap or very expensive at the price either.

The loveliest thing I like about Discus fish is that they are simply looking awesome. They have unique color variations, thousands of color patterns and we can see them in almost every color that we can guess.

Adding Discus fish in your tank

As I mentioned in earlier paragraphs this freshwater aquarium fish one kind of the most attractive fish of the freshwater world. So let’s dive into more details about them

Discus is a family member of the “Cichlidae “family. They are coming in a lot of varieties and have a scientific name for each type. Discus comes in various colors and color patterns.

Discus fish color variations

Normally the wild discus fish in the natural world is not easy to keep. In the market, we can see various types of them in different price ranges. The prices may differ in the country by country or by the area. The care for Discus fish also not much easier.

The most valuable thing you will get by adding them to your home aquarium is they will make your aquarium really beautiful with their majority of colors and the unique behaviour. I think this fish is incomparable with other freshwater fish as they are unique and have unique behaviours.

This fish is not an aggressive kind of fish when in a suitable environment and enough space of the tank. So you can add them to your aquarium without trouble.

The Basics you should know about Discus fish

In this heading, I am going to talk about some basic details about Discus fish and Discus fish care. If you are going to have this fish it will be nice to know about these details before buying them.

As the first thing I would like to talk about the care level for Discus fish, If you are a beginner to this hobby I would suggest you to not to buy Discus fish at the moment. Because the Discus fish care is no easy task. They are not easy to care as fish like Guppy, Platy or molly. You should have a better knowledge of care for them otherwise they will not live long.

This fish has a kinda big lifespan. Normally, a healthy Discus fish will live between 30 or 40 years. But the lifespan may be different from the way you caring for them. So you must have clear knowledge about Discus fish care.

When talking about breeding discus fish, it will be not easy to do as most of the other normal freshwater fish types.

When discussing the size and the shape of the fish, a well-grown fish can have a size of about 4 – 6 inches. And the shape of this is kinda like a disk. They don’t have a long shape.

As I noted out before this fish is in peaceful temperament. They will live with other normal freshwater fish peacefully. I will talk about the tank mates that you can add in a Discus tank later in this article.

When talking about the diet of this fish. Discus fish are Omnivore dieted fish. This means that this fish is eating both meat and plant-based foods. Also, there are various kinds of foods and vitamins that you can buy that specifically made for Discus fish.

The best Environment for Discus fish

If you are thinking to have any kind of fish, you should always know about what is the best environment that the fish can live in. So you can keep them healthy and happy.

For the Discus fish, the minimum tank size should be at least a 60-gallon. Smaller tanks are not good for them. And when thinking about the tank, the tank height is also an important fact. Fish tanks with a size of 60 gallons or bigger will be the best choice for them.

Discus fish tank
Discus fish tank

Keep the water of your tank clean and adding some plants in the tank is also would be a good decision. The pH count of the water should be between 6.0 and 7.0 pH. The temperature is nice to have between 82° and 86° F.

They can add into the ponds also, but to see the real beauty of this fish you should only add them into the tanks. Generally, no one keeps Discuss fish in their ponds.

Sand bottom in the tank would be ideal for this freshwater fish and little stone bottom background also will be ok for them.

Discus variations (different types of Discus fish)

When talking about the types of Discus fish, there are so many types we can see in aquariums and pet shops. They have categorized by their colors, color patterns, etc.

I will list down a few of types of Discus fish that common in most countries

  • Golden Discus
  • Pearl Pigeon Discus
  • Milky Way Discus
  • Red Rainbow Discus
  • Green Mamba Discus
  • Red Panda Discus
  • Checkboard Pigeon Discus
  • Hi-fin diamond Discus
  • Snake Skin Discus

Those are a few types of them. There are so many more types. I will talk about these most famous discus fish types in detail with another post series.

I have shared some videos about different discus fish types in my aquarium YouTube channel. I will add those videos below so you can see how these fish actually look like. You can also subscribe to my aquarium YouTube channel Tech Nova to see many of other interesting aquarium videos,

The basic Discus types ( 16 types included)


You can see the name of each Discus type and the most common image for each type from the above two videos. I would like to invite to join my Youtube channel and I would like to get your honest reviews about my videos and articles as readers of this blog site. It would always help me to get improve and provide more quality content for you.

The tank mates for Discus

Now its time to talk about the tank mates for Discus fish. As I mentioned above, The Discus fish are some friendly kind peaceful fish (Might not with all 😛 ).

So when thinking to have a Discus fish tank or if you think to add Discus fish in your freshwater tank, you must know which tankmates are suitable for Discus fish.

Most of the smaller types of freshwater fish types are well matching with the Discus fish. So basically for Discus tank mates, Tetra fish (Neon tetra, Rummy-nose tetra, and Ember Tetra), some Barbs, Guppy fish, Gourami fish, etc would be great tank mates for them.

The most important thing that should keep in mind when selecting Discus fish tank mates that, this freshwater fish cannot live with aggressive fish types. So we should care about that when adding tank mates to Discus fish.


So in the article, I tried to cover some most of the basic facts that we all should know about the Discus fish. Knowing the basics is really important with any hobby, It would be the same for the aquarium hobby because we deal with living fish.

You are welcome to add your thought about this article as a comment in using the comment box below and feel free to share the article with your friends.


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