Top 10 Barb fish species

Aquarium hobby becomes one of the most famous and highly growing types of hobby in various countries around the world. There is no age limit for it. This article is about Barb fish types. This is one type of most famous fish in freshwater aquariums.

Once you are ok to care for a pet you can also be a proud owner of a fish tank. After buying a fish tank next most thing that we all considering is, which fish to add in our fish tank. Well this can change with your interest

Some people like monster fish types, someone may like bigger size freshwater fish and also you may like smaller fish types.

This article I am writing basically for those people, who like to have smaller size freshwater fish in their fish tanks. I am writing this article to talk about 10 types of Barb fish that you can add in your fish tank.

Why Barb fish?

Barb fish is one type of a smaller freshwater fish that you can add to your freshwater aquarium. Personally, there are few things I like in Barbs, I am sure you will also like it. Here I am going to state out, that why I like the Barb fish.

Most types of barb fish are very active. When having active fish in a tank it will make the tank look active also. Otherwise watching at your own fish tank will be a very lazy thing to do.

There are a lot of different types of Barb fish in the world. When an aquarium fills with different looking fish it very attractive to see.

When it’s about Barb fish, there are so many types of Barb fish that you can add in your aquarium. Hence your aquarium also will look attractive.

This fish is not rare. Barbs are not a rare fish. Most of them are available in most of every country. You can easily find them in pet stores, aquarium stores or even natural places like lakes.

Barb fish is not an expensive fish to buy. Most of the barb types are very common in the aquarium world, hence they also not expensive when considering some other freshwater fish types.

Most of them are live together. There are some freshwater fish even they are highly attractive you can’t keep the same gender fish or even sometimes the same types of fish in the same tank.

When considering Barb fish, you can keep different types of Barbs in the same fish tank without any trouble.

Barbs are not hard to care for. Some freshwater fish are not easy to care, but some fish-like, Guppy, Platy, Molly, Barbs and Tetras are easy to care. This is also one thing that Barb became famous among freshwater fish lovers

Those are the main reasons that make me fall in love with the Barb fish types. I am sure you also will be loved to have them too.

10 Different types of Barb fish for your fish tanks

Now you might have some interest in this fish. If you read carefully, in the above paragraphs I have mentioned that there various different types of Barb fish types that we can see in freshwater aquariums.

In this section, under this heading, I am going to talk about 10 different types of barb fish, which will be a great addition to your fish tank.

I will try to talk about behaviours and basic details about each type as much as I can. These 10 types are the most common types in the Barb world. The reason I only pick up 10 is otherwise this post will be too long to read for you. Basically I am always trying to write interesting posts. So let’s just limit it to 10 in this post.

I will not add images of all the types here since I have already shared a YouTube video on my channel that shows a lot of types of them. The 10 I am going to talk about here is included in that video. I will share the video below of this article.

1. Tiger Barb

This is one of the most common Barb we can see in the Barb family. As in their name, This Barb has black lines and yellow kind color in their body which gives them a tiger look.

This type is very famous in home aquariums and they like to live as groups. Tiger Barb is a very attractive barb fish since there shape and looks also they are easy to care for.

Once they have the condition to live, they don’t give much trouble to you. But you should take care not to add them with fish like Goldfish, Angelfish, etc.

An adult Tiger Barb fish will grow up to 3 inches. The best life span would 5-6 years. They need to have a minimum of 20-gallon size tank to have a better living environment.

2. Rosy Barb

This barb is also one type of famous and common Barb fish that we can see in the Barb world.  When considering most of the other Barb types, Rosy Barbs are large in the size.

They have gold and yellow mix shine colors in their bodies. This makes them beautiful with lights and the background of your fish tank.

This fish is an active fish in the tank. So it’s not good to add with slowest fish types. Rosy Barb also likes to live as a group.

The basic lifespan of this fish is 5 years and an adult Rosy Barb fish can grow until like 6 inches size. Some people named them as Red Barb also.

They need to have a minimum 30-gallon fish tank to have a better life in your aquarium. Do not add them with the fish that are slowest and that have long fins.

3. Denison Barb

This Barb is one kind of larger Barb than most of other Barb types. So the size of the tank also needs some kind of large for them. They have a long body that looks like a flying fox fish.

These Barb types have red and black two lines in their bodies. In some countries, they can be expensive than the other common Barb types.

Some people named them as Denison’s Flying Fox, Red Line Barb, and Red Comet Barb. But the most common name for this fish is Denison Barb

To have a better life they need to have a minimum 50-55 gallon tank. An adult Denison Barb can grow to the size 6 inches. The lifetime of this Barb is around 5 years or more. They should keep with similar size fish.

4. Gold Barb fish

Gold Barb is another one Barb type that looks really attractive. They have a very bright yellow/gold color look in their bodies.

This fish is easy to care about and not much a community fish. This Barb type is can add with other peaceful fish types. In some countries they are known as China Barb, Half banded Barb and Green Barb.

An adult Gold Barb will grow until 3 inches. The lifespan of a Gold Barb is about 5 years. They need a minimum of a 20-gallon tank to live comfortable. This fish is a peaceful kind of fish.

5. Tinfoil Barb

These Barb types if very big in size when comparing to other Barbs. They can introduce as the largest member of the Barb family. In some countries, they know as Schwanefeld’s Barb

This fish has silver and some yellow/green/red mix colors in their bodies. The lower fins have red and black color. Most people buying them as a baby fish without having an idea about their real size.

The size of an adult Tinfoil Barb is like 12-13 inches. The minimum tank size for this fish is a 55-60 gallon tank. The lifespan is about 8-10 years. This fish is a peaceful fish and should be added with the same bigger size fish.

6. Black Ruby Barb fish

This is another famous Barb type in the Barb family. They have similar body shape and size as Tiger Barb. This fish is also a peaceful fish.

Caring Black Ruby Barb is not such a hard job. They are in easy to care Barb group. This Barb is having vertical blackish lines in their bodies. In some countries, they know as Ruby Barb.

An adult Black Ruby will be growing about 2 – 2.5 inches. The lifespan of this fish is about 5 years. The minimum tank size for this fish is about a 20-gallon size tank. This fish is also good to add with the same size fish. They are peaceful but not recommend to add with long fin fish types.

7. Green Barb fish

This Barb is also looking the same shape and size as the Tiger Barb. They have a dark green color in their bodies. That makes this fish really beautiful.

This Barb also loves to live as a group. This fish is a non-aggressive fish. It means that they can add the same size to other fish without any trouble. Green Barb mostly has similar behaviours as Tiger Barbs.

An Adult Green Barb will grow until like 2.5 – 2.8 inches. Sometimes they know as Green Tiger Barb. The life span of this fish is about 4-6 years. This fish can add in minimum 20-gallon size tanks.

8. Cherry Barb

Cherry Barb is one of the most beautiful Barb in the freshwater world. They are easy to care for and peaceful fish. This fish is a good selection for a planted tank.

Cherry Barb has a beautiful reddish and black mix color in their body. They also have some good looking fins. This fish is a good fish for beginners also.

Max size of Cherry Barb is about 1-2 inches. They are live like 5-6 years. To have a better life for this Barb you should have at least a minimum 25-gallon tank. That will be the minimum tank size for them. The male fish is brighter than the female fish.

9. Checker Barb fish

This is another good looking fish in the Barb family. They have a dark silver color body with black mix pattern. The shape of the fish is a bit closer to the Cherry Barb.

This fish is a friendly fish. So you can add them with other same sizes fish without any trouble. Basically the male Checker Barb fish is brighter than the female fish.

The maximum size of the fish is 2 inches. When considering the life span, Checker Barbs have 6-8 years life span. A minimum 25-gallon tank will be also good for these fish types.

10. Five Banded Barb fish

As in the name, this fish has five black color lines in its body. Five banded Barb is a very friendly Barb type. They have a rose/yellow mix color look in their bodies.

This fish is also easy to care and will be a good addition to your planted tank. They are also good to add in nano fish tanks. They love to live as a group.

An adult fish will be growing up to 2-2.2 inches. For Five banded Barbs, the minimum tank size should be a 15-gallon tank. You can add them to other smaller fish types.

Barb fish types

I guess now you have some idea about which Barbs you can add in your freshwater fish tanks and some basic details about their behaviours and their life.

I will also write another post in the future to talk about more types that we can add in our tanks.

As I mentioned earlier I haven’t added images for each type I have shared above in the article, but I will share the YouTube Video that I have created showing 20 Types of barbs that we can add in our freshwater fish tanks.

Enjoy the video and join the channel for more videos by subscribing to it.



In this post, I tried to talk about the best 10 Barb fish types that you can add to your tanks.

I have written very basic details you should know about each type. If you like to share more details or add something, please leave a comment below.

I am always like to update my article with rich content by experienced people.
Thanks for reading, Please share it with your friends.

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