The Guppy fish care tips and most important details

In this article, I am going to talk about some basic yet important details about the Guppy fish and Guppy fish care tips. These are the common basics about this fish and its nice to know them before having Guppies in your tank.

I think every one of us knows what is the Guppy fish is. They are pretty common, cheap and famous in most of every country.

This is almost the first fish of most aquarium hobby starters, including me. This fish is very cheap in the pet shops, small in size and yet really attractive.

In this post, you can read all you need to know about the amazing Guppy fish and some important facts about Guppy fish care.

This fish is nice to have in your fish tank as they giving some unique attractiveness to the fish tanks always.

You may love to add Guppy fish in your fish tanks

As I noted out before, this fish is very attractive. They are coming with color variation and even some types have kind of glowing colors. They are small and very peaceful.

They have a wide tail in their backside which is extremely colorful. When they swimming around the tank, they moving their tail and it will give a very eye-catching look.

Guppy fish

Normally Guppies are the best choice for a planted tank. They live with other smaller fish very friendly. They don’t give much trouble to the tank and caring for Guppy fish is extremely easy.

They are very common and it makes them very cheap in the market. Even they are common there are so many different variations of them. And each one has a different look, different patterns among them.

Trust me you will never get disappointed by adding the Guppy fish in your home aquarium or ponds.

Basic details you should know about the Guppies

As I have written earlier this is a smaller fish in size and they are really active in a good environment. This fish is in the beginner care level because of the Guppy fish care is easy.

It means if you are a beginner in the aquarium hobby, this fish will be a good choice to start and it’s easy to care for them even as a beginner.

The size of this fish is going around 1/0.8 inches to 2 inches. The size can be different from various facts. The main reasons will be the environment they grow and the foods they get.can change with the environment they live as well as the food they get.

Guppy fish is one type of livebearer fish (keep eggs inside of the body). Baby guppy fish also know as Guppy fries.

Usually, the male guppy fish is very beautiful than the female one. Male fish are looking thin and have an attractive tail with various color patterns in the body.

Female guppy fish have a kind thick look and they have a smaller tail comparing to the male fish and fewer colors also. There are almost 300 different types of Guppies in the world.

Guppies are a member fish of the family Poeciliidae. They also love Omnivores’ kind diets the same as Platy fish.

In some countries, this fish even use to control the growth of mosquitoes. Because they eat mosquito larvae and it will control the breeding of mosquitoes on one side.

The basic environment and care tips for guppy fish

When considering about giving the best environment for Guppy fish, the tank is really important. Since they need to have enough space to live peacefully.

The tanks should be minimum a 5 gallons tank. Any tank smaller than 5 gallons, will be not suite with this freshwater fish.

They live in freshwater and love to live in a natural kind environment. So adding some live plants and substrate to your guppy tank will make them a really good environment to live in.

Add some live plants to the tank also will make the tank beautiful, with this fish it will be more and more beautiful. I will talk about aquarium plants in another article later.

The sand bottom environment will be also OK but they more like to live in a river type environment. Adding small stones, rocks and adding some dwarf wood will be a good choice too.

Guppy fish

The water of the tank should properly clean and need to have clean water. The water temperature needs to be between 75 to 82OF. You can use an aquarium heater to control the water temperature. The PH of the water is better to be between 7.0 and 7.2.

It will be a good habit of having a filter in your tank. Guppy fish will not make your tank a mess much but keeping a filter for a tank is better to practice with any kind of fish.

It’s nice to keep those details when you having Guppies as Guppy fish care tips.

Different types of Guppy fish

As I mentioned above, there are like 300 types of guppy fish we can see. Basically these types can categorize as its colors, tails patters, color patterns, etc.

By colors, we can indicate red Guppy, neon blue Guppy, bronze Guppy, green Guppy, etc

By tail pattern, we can see Guppy varieties such as fantail Guppy, veiltail Guppy, scarftail Guppy, etc.

I am not going to talk about all the Guppy fish types here. But I will share two videos from my YouTube channel (Tech Nova) which shows the different types of Guppies. You can also connect with my channel to learn about many more freshwater fish types and topics.


Guppy fish tank mates

When considering keeping a fish in your tank, tank mates are another important fact to talk about.

To have a better life in a fish tank or a pond, any fish should live with matching tank mates. Those tank mates should not harm their regular life or the fish you adding should not harm the older mates of your tank.

So as best tank mates for Guppies, you can add Tetras, Barbs, Danio types, Platies, Mollies and other livebearers.

Otherwise, they scare stress and that will lead even to make them die.


in this post, I tried to cover up as much as basic details about this awesome freshwater fish. I have separated the post with some subheadings and talk about each part separately.

Also, I have added two videos I have shared through my own YouTube channel as reverences of types of guppy fish. I am planning to make separate posts for the talk about types of each freshwater fish. So, many new posts are coming soon.

If you like to add something to the article or would like to share your thoughts about the post, you are most welcome to use the comment box below.

I appreciate all your feedback.

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