Popular Tetra fish types

The Tetra fish is one of the popular freshwater fish for most of the aquarium keepers worldwide. Tetra fish have a lot of variations. There are few popular tetra fish types can find in any country.

If you like smaller freshwater fish types with a various different look and live as groups, a Tetra fish tank will be an ideal choice for you.

Most of these Tetra variations can find in most countries. They are not that much expensive to buy as groups.

You can choose your Tetra fish types according to your interest in the size and colours. They have plenty of different colours and colour pattern with various sizes.

This freshwater fish variation is love to live as groups. So keep them as a group in your fish tank will make their life easy.

Common things about the Tetra fish

Tetra fish comes as different Tetra variations, Each of the Tetra types has their own look and behaviours.

Also, there are some common things that are valid to most of the Tetra fish variations. Under this topic, you can read the commons for Tetra types.

Tetra fish are love to live as groups. Most of the fish in Tetra family living as groups. So it would be nice to add at least four of them into your fish tank.

They can add with most other same sized none aggressive tank mates. Tetras are also good tank mates for your freshwater fish tank.

This fish is very common and most of the Tetra types are also very common in most countries. Most of them are not very expensive.

This if not a hard fish to care for. Most of Tetra types are easy to care with required tank conditions. Most of them are good fish for beginners.

Tetras are one of the best fish for your planted tank. If you thinking to set up a plant-based tank, Tetras will be a good fish to add.

The most popular Tetra fish types

There various different types of Tetra fish we can see in the Tetra fish family. From those Tetra fish types, some fish are very popular and common in most countries.

Under this section, I am going to talk about a few of those most popular Tetra fish types form the Tetra fish family.

Neon Tetra


I am sure most of you must know already what Neon Tetra fish is. This is one of the most popular Tetra fish type in most countries.

They have high-value marketspace and larger attention of aquarium lovers in the world. This is a smaller fish in their size and more beautiful.

This fish will reach up to 1.5-2 inches of body size after full-grown. Neon Tetra is also related with the Cardinal Tetra. But they are not the same.

Neon Tetra has a brighter line in their body which make them looks beautiful with lights.

Make sure to add a group of them into your fish tanks. In my personal experience, 5-7 groups are best to add into your fish tank with required conditions.

Cardinal Tetra


This fish is a little bit look similar to the Neon Tetra. But if you look carefully you can identify them differently.

The sizes are almost similar to the Neon Tetra fish. An Adult cardinal Tetra will grow up to 2 inches of size.

This fish at least need 20 gallons of tank size with 73-80 F temperature water condition.

This is also a peaceful fish. They don’t harm other fish. Cardinal Tetra will live about 2-4 years and its depend on the tank conditions and environment.

Cardinal Tetra also likes to live as groups. Same as Neon tetra your can 5-7 groups together under requires environmental conditions.

Red Eye Tetra

Red Eye Tetra | flicker | Chris Penny
Red Eye Tetra | flicker | Chris Penny

This is another popular tetra fish type that you can add into your tetra fish tank. Red Eye Tetra has a red line above the eye and easy to identified.

The red spot near the eye is having a bright red look.  And they have a silver and golden mix body colour with a black mix tail with a yellowish band.

An adult Red Eye tetra can grow up to 2.5 – 2.8 inches. Also, this fish has a good life span. Their life span is about for 3-5 years.

Water temperature should be between the 73-80 F with 5.5 – 8.5 pH value. This fish also good for your planted fish tanks.

Red Eye Tetra is a peaceful fish and a good community fish for home aquariums. The minimum tank size for this is about 30 gallons.

Penguin Tetra

 Penguine Tetra
Penguine Tetra

This is also a good Tetra fish for your Tetra tank. Also, the Penguin Tetra is a popular Tetra fish between the Tetra varieties.

This fish also easy to care and a peaceful fish to add into your aquariums. They can live with other Tetras and with most of the other freshwater fish types in your tank.

The max size they will grow is about 3 inches. It can be changed with the conditions they live in.

They need the size of a minimum of 30 Gallons tank to live.

Water temperature in the tank should be between 64-82° F. The pH count of the water needs to be in pH 5.8-8.5.

With the correct water conditions, they will live in your freshwater aquarium without any trouble. They will make sure to be a good tank member as well.

Black Tetra

Black skirt Tetra
Black skirt Tetra

This fish another most popular Tetra fish in the Tetra fish family. And also one of the best fish for your community fish tank.

They also know as Black Skirt Tetra. These species are also very common and easy to find in the aquarium markets in most of the countries.

This is a peaceful fish, Very easy to care. Adding a group of them will be a good choice. You can add at least 7 fish for schooling.

The water temperature needs to be 70 – 90° F for them. They are not that much water-sensitive and a good community fish for your home aquarium.


Tetras are awesome freshwater community fish for your community fish tanks. They are peaceful and easy to care. Most of them are also good for aquarium beginners.

Most of the tetras can easily find in most of the countries. In the article, I have explained only a few of them, But there are so many different variations of tetras we can add into our tanks.

This is a video I have shared through my aquarium youtube channel about tetra fish variations.

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