Nano tank fish for freshwater aquariums

There are several different types of fish tanks we can add into our home aquariums. From those tanking concepts, the Nano tank fish concept is one of a popular tanking concept that becomes a trend these days.

This fish tanking concept is also a good concept for you if you are a beginner in the aquarium hobby. This article will be interesting to anyone who likes to know more or sharpen their knowledge in the freshwater nano tanks.

So I will invite you all to continue reading the article to the end.

What are the freshwater Nano tanks?

Since I am writing this article to match with anyone, I will start to describe this concept and the nano tank fish types in detail from the basics.

Nano in the name means it is smaller.

So the first thing we need to consider is, what mean by a freshwater nano tank?

Simply a nano tank means a perfect size smaller fish tank. These nano tanks will be fit in anywhere of your house or office place. Simply nano tanks have a smaller setup.

This fish tanking concept will save your space and let you have a nice perfect fish tank at your place.

When a fish tank becomes smaller there are several benefits you can get from it.

  • It will be easy to clean and no need a lot of water change.
  • It will be easily set up and maintain.
  • Nano tank fish are not much expensive.
  • Its save the space in your place.
  • Nano tanks are looks beautiful and simple.
  • It would be an ideal choice for a beginner.
  • It would be a creative concept for an experienced person.

Above points describe the key importance of having a nano fish tank at your place.

I guess now you have some idea what is a nano fish tank means. The next point and the main point of this article is what kind of fish you can add as nano tank fish for freshwater aquariums. I am going to continue this article with the details of nano aquarium fish that you add into your nano aquarium.

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Best nano tank fish for your freshwater fish tank

There are several smaller freshwater aquarium fish types that famous as the best as nano tank fish. Most of these fish are very easy to find and cheap in price.

Neon Tetra
neon tetra

This is a very attractive smaller tetra fish type and will be good role-player into your nano fish tank. This fish is easy to care and love to live as groups. They will grow maximum until 1.2 inches.

This fish is native to the Amazon river, and today become one of the most famous smaller Tetra in the fish market. Neon tetra would be a perfect addon to your nano tank. You can read a complete article about Neon tetra in my blog site.

Betta fish

Betta fish

Betta fish also a nice choice for a freshwater nano tank. This fish is a very attractive fish and there several different types of Betta fish in the freshwater world. The longer fins of this fish make them really attractive.

They are compatible with most other freshwater nano fish types. Having a betta fish in your tank is also not that much hard work. This fish is grown up to 2.2 inches and minimum tank size for them is 5 gallon.

The care level for this fish also easy. You can refer my blog article to know about Betta fish.

Endler’s Livebearers

Endler’s Livebearers

This is another smaller yet very famous and attractive fish type from the Livebearers family. This fish very colourful and colour patterns they have is very unique to them.

This livebearer is a related fish type to the Guppy fish. Endler’s are really brightly coloured and the male fish look more beautiful than the female one.

The care level for this fish is at an easy level. They will grow maximum until 1-1.8 inches. The minimum tank size for this fish is a 5-gallon tank.

 Zebra Danios

 Zebra Danio | Ruaraidh Gillies | Flickr
Zebra Danio | Ruaraidh Gillies | Flickr

Danios are another good fish to add into your freshwater nano tank. This is a smaller fish and very active. They mostly like to live as groups. Danios are also best for planted tanks.

They have a longer type of slim body with lines in it. There are several types of danios we can see in danio family, From them, the zebra danio is most famous.

Caring Zebra Danio is easy. They can grow a maximum until 2.5 inches. They require a 15-gallon tank as their minimum tank size.

Celestial Pearl Danio

This is another beautiful Danio fish types that you add nicely as nano tank fish for freshwater aquariums. This fish is sometimes live as groups.

They have a slim and long body with pointed fins. This Danio fish has nice attractive coloured body also. This danio type is a peaceful fish and a good nano tank fish. They will grow up to 1 inch. The care level is not easy but not harder also. So the care level for this can state as moderate.

They need at least a 10-gallons tank to have a good life. So that would be their minimum tank size.

Pygmy Corydoras

This corydoras type is a smaller type that is also good to add into your nano tank. They like to live as groups. Pygmy Cory is a smaller type of fish that fit into your smaller fish tanks.

The care level for this fish is easy. This fish will grow until 1.3 inches. The minimum tank size for Pygmy Corydoras is a 10-gallon tank. This fish is a peaceful fish. So you can add them to other level fish without any trouble.

Sparkling Gourami

This fish if from Gourami fish family and also one of the best fish for add into a freshwater nano fish tank. This fish has some grey and beige colour metallic look.

The fins of this mostly look in to transparent. Sparkling Gourami will grow up to 1.5 inches. The need minimum 10-gallon tank to live. This fish is also in a moderate care level. Spo caring Sparkling Gourami is not much easier nor much harder.

This is also a peaceful fish. So it will not any trouble by adding them into your freshwater nano tanks.

Chili Rasbora

This Rasbora type is also would be perfect into your freshwater nano fish tank. There are several type Rasbora and these types of the most ideal for a nano tank.

This fish is very smaller in the body. They are easy to care and grow maximum less than one inches, mostly the will grow up to 0.8inches. The care level for this fish is easy.

Chili Rasbora is a peaceful fish and good addon to your nano tank. They need a minimum of 5-gallon tank to live with.



This article is written with the details about having a freshwater nano tank and what kind of fish you can add into your nano tank.

I have written about a few fish here bust there more fish like White Cloud Mountain Minnow, Bluefin Notho, Harlequin Rasboras, Cardinal tetras and Otocinclus catfish.

Having a freshwater nano fish tank would be a great experience for you. Most of the people now setting up nano tanks with a planted setup which makes looks really attractive.

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