The Kissing Gourami fish profile

The gourami fish is a popular freshwater fish in the freshwater aquariums. There are several types of gouramis we can see. From them, The Kissing Gourami has its own unique behaviour and an attractive look.

This article would cover most of the important facts that you should know about this awesome Kissing Gourami fish.

If you are a gourami fish lover and if you are interested in kissing gouramis, I would suggest you to keep reading this article until its reach to the end.

The Uniqueness of the Kissing Gouramis.

Same as the other common freshwater fish like Platy fish, Molly fish, Guppy fish, Betta fish, Angelfish, Barb types and Tetras, this awesome fish has become one of the most popular fish if many fish tank keepers.

The main reason people love them is their unique behaviour. We cannot see that behaviour in other freshwater fish types and not even in other gourami variations.

This fish knowing as the name of “Kissing Gourami” is because of their unique behaviour and a unique personality.

This Gourami fish types some time behave as they kissing each other. They putting their mouth together and shows outside exactly as they kissing each other.

We cannot expect this unique behaviour from other freshwater fish types.

The Important facts of Kissing Gourami

You should have a better understanding of the Basic details about any fish that you like to add in your tank or pond.

Under this topic, I am going to write out some basics details about Kissing Gourami fish.

Same as any other fish, first I am going to talk about the care level for Kissing Gourami fish. The care level for this is at the Intermediate level.

This fish is a nice fish to add in your fish tank, but Kissing Gouramies are sometimes getting little aggressive. That a normal behaviour for them. So the temperament for Kissing Gouramies is at the semi-aggressive level.

This Kissing gourami is getting bigger than most other tropical fish types. An adult Kissing gourami can grow until 12 inches.

When considering the Lifespan of this fish, A healthy fish can live between 5-7 years.

This fish is live in freshwater and cleaner tank with the planted environment would be best for them. The minimum tank size should be 50 Gallon.

As the food diet, you can give Omnivore (plant and meat-based foods) diet for them.

I will list down important points of Kissing Gourami basics that I explain above.

  • Care level: Intermediate.
  • Scientific name: Helostoma temminckii
  • Temperament: sem-aggressive.
  • Maximum size: 12 inches.
  • Life span: 5-7 years.
  • Aquarium setup: Planted tanks.
  • Minimum tanks size: 50 Gallon (per pair).
  • Diet: Omnivore.
  • Tankmates: Same size tropical fish

Appearance and behaviour of the Kissing Gourami 

This fish has a white and pink mix look in its body, So some people calling them as Pink Kissing Gourami and Kissing fish.

The body of this fish gives a white-silver, pink mix of shiny looks for them. The shape is kinda wide and not much longer and it’s similar to most of the other Gouramies.

If you have several kissing gourami fish in your tank, You can see some couples kissing together, Its looks like this fish are Kissing each other, But what actually happening is they fighting each other.

This awesome fish has kind of longer sharp fins also.

These kind of unharmful fights are normal between same-gender fish. So even its looks like kissing, What you see is fighting two same kinds of fish to keep their territory.

These romantic looking fight can go all over the tank. Usually, this happening between two males fish. If it’s going wrong you must separate them.

This is the reason they are in the semi-aggressive fish list and the reason they should keep with same size none aggressive fish types.

This fish has a strange-looking distinctive mouth. This mouth is unique to this fish type. This mouth is also helping to protrude things towards the outside of its body.

They use their distinctive mouth to do that unique actions kissing (Fighting).

Tank setup for Kissing Gouramies

For any kind of fish, The environment they live really matters. So do the Gouramies.

This fish is love to live in planted environments. So having live plants in your fish tank will be good for them.

They also need to have plenty of space to swim in the tank. So when adding live plants, you also need to consider to set up them well to have planted areas as well as open areas to swim well.

When considering the tank bottom, a soft sand layer would be ideal. This fish is most of the time looking and check for the substrate to find food parts in the tank.

So having a soft sand bottom layer would be ideal for them.

The water condition is also really important for kissing Gouramies. So in the water, the pH count should be between 6-8 pH.

Same as the pH count, the temperature of the tank water is really important when caring for Kissing Gourami fish. The water temperature should be between the range of 72-82°F.

This fish loves to live in cleaner water. So having a better filter system in your tank is important for them. Also, it would be ideal to keep a water heater in your fish tank to control the water temperature.

The next important thing is the tank size.

This fish is not a smaller fish as well as not a bigger size fish. So as the minimum tank size for this gourami species is would be a 50-gallon fish tank. And this size would be ideal for a pair of fish.

Best tank mates for Kissing Gouramies

Another important fact when having a fish is the tank mates for the particular fish.

So when considering the best tank mates for Kissing Gouramies, There are several fish types you can have as their tank mates.

Tiger Barb would be a good choice as a  tank mate for Kissing Gouramies. Tiger Barb is a very active and attractive fish in freshwater. You can read more about Tiger barb fish under the topic “The best 10 barb types“.

Another Barb types you can add as your Gourami tank mate is Rosy barbs. This barb species is kinda big than other barb types.

Angelfish is also a great addition into your Kissing Gourami tank. They are peaceful and live together with these gouramies without any trouble.

Even a fish from livebearer family, the Swordtails are another matching tank mate with Kissing Gouramies. Adding some Swordtails will make your tank looks nicer with the colour combinations with gouramies.

The Loach types like Clown loach and the Yoyo loach will be good mates for your tank.

There are several other fish types that closer to the size of Kissing Gourami will act as a good tan mate for this fish.

The main thing you should consider is adding smaller fish types like Guppy fish, Neon tetras and etc. Also, you should not add aggressive fish with the Kissing Gourami fish.


This article is basically written down for the fish profile of Kissing Gouramies.

In the first paragraphs, I have explained the uniqueness and how they become an attractive fish for freshwater lovers.

Then you can read about the Important facts and basics behaviour for this fish.

Then I have moved to the tank environment setup, water conditions and finally the best tank mates for Kissing Gouramies.

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