The Goldfish facts and care guide

When considering the freshwater fish species, the Goldfish is one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish types in freshwater fish tanks.

I am so sure you know what Goldfish is. You might already have experience in having Goldfish in your fish tanks.

In this article, I am going to cover-up some useful details about this that most of us should know. So this article will be helpful for anyone who interested in Goldfish

If you are a beginner, you can improve your knowledge about the Goldfish by reading this article, and if you are an expert, please share your experience with us using the comments section.

The Basics and essential details

Whatever fish it is, you should know the essential details about the first. It will help you to care for the fish with exact requirements.

This section of the article will share the most important fundamental and essential details about the Goldfish.

  • Minimum Tank Size: 20-Gallons (for a single normal-sized pair)
  • Lifespan: up to 10 years
  • Temperament: Peaceful
  • Care level: easy to medium
  • Maxsize: about 6-9 inches can 15+ inches for pond varieties.
  • Environment: freshwater
  • Family: Cyprinidae

The above list describes the necessary details of this freshwater fish. Let me discuss one by one in detail.

A single fancy Goldfish pair will require minimum 20-Gallons size freshwater fish tank to live. But it can be 40-Gallons for a bigger size fish. When you set up your tanks, its a must care about the minimum tank size of the fish needed to live.

They may live for around ten years. But the life span gets to differ with the environment they live, by different variations, the disease they can get, etc. They can live around 5-10 years with a healthy lifestyle.

Oranda Goldfish

This fish is a peaceful fish, which means that they don’t get aggressive over other freshwater fish types. They will live peacefully with most of the different freshwater community fish types.

But one thing you should remember is, its better to avoid adding very smaller fish types with them. These fish might identify them as their foods.

Also, its better to avoid adding highly active fish types like Tiger Barbs, Green Barbs with them, the group of Tiger Babrs can east the beautiful long tails goldfish has.

This fish is not very hard to care for. But sometimes you may feel it hard to care for when keeping them in your fish tank.

You need to have better filtering options for your fish tank. Most of the time, this fish is seeking foods at the bottom of the tank. This might make your water condition terrible.

There are several varieties in this fish. Usually, an adult fish can grow up about  6-10+ inches size. But the size and the shape will get differ by the Goldfish varieties.

This fish is a freshwater fish. You should care about the water condition, as I have explained in the above paragraphs. This fish is looking nice with hard-rock backgrounds also.

Since they have a shiny red-yellow gold colour, They almost ok with most tank backgrounds.

The Goldfish facts and Care tips

There are several goldfish types. The most popular types of them are Common Goldfish, Comet Goldfish, Shubankin Goldfish, Fantail Goldfish, Ryukin Goldfish, and Oranda Goldfish. This is a few, and there are more.

Each of the Goldfish varieties has different looks and shapes. There is a Goldfish type named the Bubble Eye Goldfish is unique in look from any other freshwater fish types.

Another uniquely different types are the Telescope eye Goldfish, Pearlscale Goldfish, and the Celestial Eye Goldfish. These are also unique in their shapes and look.

This fish is perfect for a home aquarium. In nature, they can find in some rivers also.

The comets and shubunkins are getting bigger in body size. The Pearlscale has a more curve shape. Also, the Oranda types are trendy in most countries.

Not all the Goldfish has a gold colour body. Some of them even have a black colour body. There so many colour variations they can have. This fish also named the fancy goldfish as a common group name.

Same as the colour, their tail types also will look different from their variety. As an example, the fan-tail variety has a 3 part separate tail in them.

Their tail makes the looks more attractive. Same as the tail the body shape, the eye shape of some varieties makes them so unique and attractive than other common fish types.

Here I have attached a video showing various types of Goldfish in one larger fish tank.


I will write another new article to discuss each of these Goldfish types in detail later. For now, let’s talk them as commonly a Goldfish.

Commonly this fish is adding in the tanks, but some people add them into their ponds too. The size of the fish can increase 15-18 inches when they are get raised in a pond.

The optimum temperature for the Goldfish is 50° to 74° F, But the temperature requirement also get differs by the Goldfish variety.

The Comets and shubunkins need to have water temperatures between 60° and 70°F. The water temperature is essential for this fish. So you need to take care not to have rapid water temperature changes in your tank.

A heater is not required for this fish since this is one of the climate fish. But an aquarium water filter is a must for this fish.

A climate fish means these fish can be raised in tropical climates and also in cold-water environments.

As the tank mates for this lovely fish, you can add Danio species, Platies, Minnows, Swordtail, etc. Never add aggressive or semi-aggressive fish with them.

They are peaceful with each other. So there will be not any gender conflicts when adding this fish. But they are not fast swimmers. So they cannot run-away from faster fish types.

This fish is taking omnivores diets. Feeding two-three times a day is enough for them. Remember, this fish is like to eat all day. But avoid giving too many foods to them.

When talking about the diseases they can get, the skin diseases are the most significant problem for this fish. They often get them with the wrong water condition etc.

Breeding those fish is not matched hard work and also not an easy task. First, you should make sure they have the correct temperature in the tank.

The female fish produce eggs, and the eggs will get attaches to a surface. Mostly in the glass and other decoration items in the tank will get attached.

bubble-eye-Goldfish_flicker-Jonathan Leung
bubble-eye-Goldfish | flicker-Jonathan Leung

For this, you need a separated cultured tank. And once the eggs are placed, The parents should separate from the tank as they will starting to eat the eggs.

The eggs should keep isolated from any fish in the right environment to breed them. Usually, they need to have water temperature to 65°F.


I hope you guys get some idea about this fish by reading this article. I have written about the most basics that every Goldfish keeper needs to know in the article.

The important thing is to keep the water condition of your fish tank since the bad water condition can make them sick.

Also, add tanks mates who are not harming them. They will live peacefully and nicely in your fish tank when they have a pleasant environment.

I hope you will have an awesome Goldfish tank in your fish tank collection. Please share the article with friends and add your throughts in the comment section.

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