Different types of freshwater Angelfish

This post is basically about the Freshwater Angelfish, basics details, their behaviours and the different types of freshwater Angelfish. There are various different types of Angelfish in the freshwater aquariums.

The freshwater Angelfish, also know as “The Queen of the freshwater aquariums” is a beautiful freshwater fish that you can add in our freshwater aquariums.

The fish is a type of a cichlid and originally from South America and become really popular in freshwater aquariums.

Basic detail about freshwater Angelfish

I guess this is the time to talk about the basics of freshwater Angelfish. Knowing the basics will help you to care for them very well.

  • Fish family: Cichlidae
  • Care level: Easy
  • Lifespan: About ten years
  • Minimum tank size: 30 Gallons (for a pair)
  • Temperament: Semi-aggressive
  • Average size: About 6 inches
  • Tank setup: Freshwater

The above list shows you the most basics about freshwater Angelfish. Let’s discuss one by one.

The Freshwater Angelfish is not an Angelfish like in marine aquariums, and even we call them Angelfish fish there are really from the Cichlidae family.

So the freshwater Angelfish if is one type of semi-aggressive Chichlidae fish.

It is not very hard to care for this fish. So the care level for freshwater Angelfish can be stated as Easy. You can easily have them in your freshwater fish tank.

This Angelfish type is can live for around 10 years with a good environment. Just give them the required conditions and they would make your tank really attractive.

Freshwater Angelfish

For a single pair of Angelfish need to have at least a 30 Gallons sized tank. But it would be nice you can give them more space than 20 Gallons.

However, according to the aquarium specialists, the minimum tank size for a freshwater Angelfish pair is a 20 Gallons tank.

This is not a higher aggressive freshwater fish type. But this is a member of the cichlid family. So they can be semi-aggressive over some fish types.

Even this fish is semi-aggressive they will not harm other fish types badly. You can add similar sizes and peaceful freshwater fish as their tank mates.

As the average size of an adult Angelfish, they can grow up to 6 inches. But they might be oversize to that with their fins.

And at last, this fish is living in the freshwater and this if the freshwater Angelfish we can add into our home aquariums. They are one of the greater members for your fish tank.

Different Angelfish Types

Same as other freshwater fish types, the freshwater Angelfish also have its own different varieties.

Each of these different angelfish varieties has its own beautiful look. This post would cover up most popular freshwater Angelfish types in the freshwater aquariums.

Zebra Angelfish

Zebra-Angelfish | Flicker | li-yong
Zebra-Angelfish | Flicker | li-yong

This is one of the most popular Angelfish types in freshwater fish tanks. As its name, this type of Angelfish has stripes on their body.

This variety of Angelfish can have up to five or six stripes on their body. They are popular and easy to find in most of the countries.

Zebra Angelfish is kinda smaller than the other Angelfish varieties and they fast swimmers.

They have normal fins. They need similar kind of requirements as lie other Angelfish varieties to need. Just do not mix them with larger fish types.

Marble Angelfish

Marbled_angelfish | commons.wikimedia.org | Quatermass
Marbled_angelfish | commons.wikimedia.org | Quatermass

This is another popular Angelfish type in the freshwater world. They are very common in most aquarium shops also.

They have nice patterns in their body. Mostly looks black and white/silver. This variety has longer fins when compare to Zebra Angelfish.

This fish is easy to care and pretty resistant to disease You can easily find them in your country since they are very common.

The requirements to raise this Angelfish is similar to common Angelfish types. This will be a perfect member of your freshwater community tank.

Black Lace Angelfish

As in their name, this Angelfish variety has a dark black colour in their body. This is also a very common and popular tropical Angelfish type.

This variety is completely black and the black and they have kinda matt black look. Their fins also short and sharp. They have a smaller tail.

This variety also not hard to care. They don’t need any special care rather than a normal freshwater Angelfish. In some countries, this variety is hard to find.

Veil-tail Angelfish

Veil-Angel | commons.wikimedia.org | Neil916 (CC-BY-AA-2.5)
Veil-Angelfish | commons.wikimedia.org | Neil916 (CC-BY-AA-2.5)

Same as their name, This variety of the Angelfish is having uniquely beautiful longer tails. This is one of the most popular Angelfish from freshwater Angelfish types.

This fish has longer fins. That makes them really beautiful when swimming in fish tanks. This fish is a way to care as other Angelfish types.

You should consider little more when adding tank mates for Veil-tail Angelfish because some fish types like Tiger barb may harm their fins

With good care and with friendly tank mates, this fish will make your fish tank more and more beautiful for sure.

Albino Angelfish

Most of the freshwater fish types have its own albino varieties. For freshwater Angelfish also has an albino Angelfish types.

The albino Angelfish has a complete whitish colour in their body. This fish lacks any black colour on their body. The eye looks reddish.

Comparatively this freshwater Angelfish types have a short lifespan. They have a uniqueness in their look. Some Albinos may have Gold colour mix in their body.

Gold Angelfish

Gold Angel | commons.wikimedia.org | Neil916 (CC-BY-AA-2.5)
Gold Angelfish | commons.wikimedia.org | Neil916 (CC-BY-AA-2.5)

This is another Angelfish variety by its colour. This fish has a specific colour and it makes the popular.

They have a gold and silver mix colour on their body. The gold colour is getting brighter with their age. This variety has normal size fins and tail.

This fish also easy to care in a home aquarium and this Angelfish type is rare to find in some countries. That makes them more and more value in the fish market also.

This is a good community fish. So you can add them as a brilliant addition for your freshwater community tank. The golden and white colouration of this fish makes them stands out.

Koi Angelfish

Koi Angelfish
Koi Angelfish

The Koi Angelfish is another popular and most beautiful Angelfish type from the Angelfish family. If you are familiar with what Koi carp is, you can easily get the idea of the look of Koi Angelfish.

This variety of freshwater Angelfish have bright colours in their body. They have colours like red, orange, yellow, white and black dots in their body.

This colour variation is to make them highly attractive. Because they are Kois the colouration of each fish is getting different to each other.

The Koi Angelfish are a good fish for a well-planted tank. Caring for them and diet of them are similar to the other Angelfish variations.

Leopard Angelfish

This variety of Angelfish are also really popular. The reason for that is their leopard look. They are looks unique compared to most of other Angelfish types.

They have a dark silver body with black leopard type stripes. This is not common and a really unique colouration for a fish.

However, the light condition of the tank may change their colouration and colour patterns. Adult Angelfish has more pattern than the other.

This fish is also not very common and nor much easy to find in most countries. But caring the Leopard Angelfish is similar to other fish variations.


This article is basically to share some information about freshwater Angelfish types. under the first heading, it describes the common and basic details of all the Angelfish varieties.

Under the second heading, I have written out about most popular freshwater Angelfish types that we can add into our community fish tank.

I hope the article become useful to you. If you feel it useful please share with friends.

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