Top 10 Tank Mates for Tiger Barbs

Choosing tank mates for Tiger barbs becomes tricky. Tiger barbs are very well known as fin nippers. When they live as a group sometimes they aggressive.

Because of this reason, we must think twice when adding a tank mate to a Tiger barb fish tanks. Tiger barb fish is a very active and attractive smaller barb fish type.

They look better in planted and rocky environments. With their colour, these smaller barb fish standing out in their look when they are in such an environment.

In this post, I am going to talk about 10 types of fish that can add as tank mates for Tiger barbs. You are welcome to read the post until the end.

The behaviour of the Tiger barb fish

Tiger barb is one most popular barb fish from the barb family. They are love to live like a group and will be very active in your fish tank.

This fish has awesome looking black strips on their body which gives them an attractive look. They mostly look awesome in planted and hard looking fish tank backgrounds.

Even though this fish a cute little fish, it will be aggressive and harmful for fish types. That way they also know as “fin nippers”.

Most of the time then can be aggressive as less than 5 in a group and they are also trying to make their kingdom in the tank.

But a lonely tiger barb is not a happy one. You have to add at least two pairs of them. If not the fish will not be healthy and happy in your tank.

Chasing other fish that has longer tails is a common habit of this fish. This is very common to see when they are in a tank with fish like Goldfish.

So it will be a very good practice to avoid adding that kind of long-tail fish with the Tiger barb fish together. Otherwise, Tiger barbs will harm their tails.

When keeping a fish in a tank, we must have a better idea about the environment they can live in. Tanks mates are one of the main points when considering it.

Luckily, even the Tiger barb can become an aggressive fin nipper, there are some freshwater fish types that can add as the tank mates for Tiger barbs.

The main point of this article is to give an idea of the tiger barb tank mates. So from here onwards I am going to write about the top 10 tank mates for Tiger barbs.

The Tank Mates for Tiger barbs

Here we are in the most interesting part of this article. I am going to share 10 types of freshwater fish types that are perfect tank mates for the Tiger barbs.

Also, these fish are easy to find from the most place where you are buying your Tiger barb fish. They are not expensive or hard to find.

1. Cherry barb


This another attractive fish from the barb family. Cherry barb is one of the best tank mates for the Tiger barbs. This is a peaceful schooling fish.

The cherry-red colour makes them stand out in your tank. When they mixed with the Tiger barbs its give your an outstanding look.

This fish easy to care for, The max size going to be 1-2 inches. This is well matching size with the Tiger barb fish. Same as tiger barb this fish will be matched into a minimum 20 gallons fish tank.

This one of a perfect match for your Tiger barb fish. Also, Cherry barb is cool fish to have in freshwater aquariums. They look good friendly.

2. Cory catfish


Corydoras catfish/Cory catfish is another good choice to add as a Tiger barb tank mate. This one is a smaller fish that lives on the bottom of the tank.

There so many various different types of Cory catfish in the world. They are easy to care for and a good freshwater aquarium fish as well.

The max size of a Corydoras is about up to 1.2-1.5 inches. This is a calm and non-aggressive fish that can add to our freshwater aquariums.

Also, Since Cory catfish is a bottom feeder, they will help to keep the bottom of your tank clean as well. That is another benefit of adding this fish.

Just provide them with smaller hiding place like plant areas and rocks. They definitely will enjoy living in your Tiger barb tank.

3. Platy fish

Platy fish

This another one popular livebearer fish that can add with Tiger barb fish as their tank mate. Platy fish is a smaller fish that is easy to keep in a freshwater aquarium.

There are various different types of Platy fish we add to our freshwater aquariums. The care level for this fish is easy. Breeding the Platy fish is also easy.

The Max size of the Platy fish is about 1.2-1.5 inches. They are matched with water pH level pH 7 – 8. You can add them in a minimum 10 gallons tank.

Platy may get aggressive over some fish types. But there are one of a good tank mate for your Tiger barb fish.

4. Tetras


There are various different types of Tetra fish we add to our freshwater aquariums. The above image is showing a Cardinal tetra fish.

Most of the Tetra fish types are also good tank mate for your Tiger barb fish tank. Tetra is also smaller fish types that are very popular.

The care level for the Tetras is easy. It is not a hard job to care for a Tetra fish. Most of them are growing up to 1-2 inches.

This fish is friendly and non-aggressive. This makes them a perfect mate for your fish tank. Tetra is a good choice.

5. Swordtails

Swordtail-fish | Kai Schreiber |
Swordtail fish | Kai Schreiber |

If you are familiar with livebearer fish varieties, you must know about Swordtail fish. This is a cute little fish that is very easy to care for.

Thus fish is colourful and have unique look with their sword looking tail. That tail gives them an eye-catching look and makes them really unique.

The male fish has this unique tail and there should be 1 main in a smaller tank. Breeding them is also very easy to do.

Normally a Swordtail fish may grow up to 4-5 inches. They need to have clean water with a pH level of 7-8. The minimum tank size for them is about 10 gallons.

This is one best tank mate For your Tiger barb. They also give a unique look to your tank. But one thing you need to know that this fish is a livebearer.

If you want to know more about livebearers click this to read more.

6. Zebra Danios

Zebra Danio | Ruaraidh Gillies | Flickr
Zebra Danio | Ruaraidh Gillies | Flickr

Danios are also a good choice for a freshwater fish tank as well as a perfect match as a tank mate for your Tiger barb fish.

There are various different types of Danio fish types we can see in the freshwater aquariums. Between them, the Zebra Danio is highly popular.

This is cute little fish that look perfect as groups. They have stripes on their body which make them attractive. There is one long-tail Danio variety as well.

This fish is an eye-catching active fish which are love to live as a group. A group should have at least 6 fish. More is good for them.

This Danio fish is really easy to care for. So the care level for the fish is easy. The Max size of a Zebra Danio fish is about 1-2 inches.

Zebra Danios need at least a 15-gallon tank to live. And a group of fish is also a requirement to give them a better life inside the tank.

This cute and active fish is also a good tank mate for your Tiger barb fish.

7. Gourami fish

Dwarf-Gourami-best -fish-for-20-gallon-tank
Dwarf-Gourami-best -fish-for-20-gallon-tank

There are various types of Gourami fish we can. From them, the smaller variations are matching with the Tiger barb fish.

This is very attractive, their look is also unique to them. They will come with various colour patterns in their body. They are not much easy to care for but not that much hard as well.

The size of the Gourami fish can differ with the variety, Normally, they may grow up to 2-12 inches. The tank size is also getting differ with their size and types.

Normally, Dwarf Gouramies need to have fish tanks between 10 – 50 gallons.

This fish is not that much aggressive but can be aggressive over some fish varieties.  But they will ok with Tiger barb fish.

So the Gourami also can take as one of the best tank mates for the Tiger barb fish.

8. Rosy Barb

Rosy barb fish | Wikimedia Commons

This is another popular Barb variation that can add as a tank mate for your Tiger barb fish. They are popular and easy to find in most countries.

This fish is also easy to care for. The care level is about easy for this fish. This fish is a peaceful fish most of the time. But can be aggressive with some fish types.

This fish is also a beautiful fish for your freshwater fish tank. The minimum tank size for the Rosy barb fish is about a 30 gallons tank.

An adult Rosy barb fish can grow up to 6 inches. However, this Barb fish type is also the best tank mate for the Tiger barb fish.

9. Tinfoil Barb

Tinfoil Barb

When talking about Barbs, here is another popular barb types that are also become the best tank mate for Tiger barbs.

Tinfoil Barb is also a popular barb from the barb fish family. This variety of barbs are also highly popular in most countries.

The care level for this barb fish is about at a moderate level. So they are not a good choice for beginners as they are not much easy to keep and care for.

The normal behaviour of this barb if non-aggressive, but again this barb type also can be aggressive over some fish varieties.

The max size of the Tinfoil barb is about 14 inches and they are good with a minimum of 75 Gallons tank.

10. Red-Tailed Shark

Redtail Shark | | DSC_5292
Redtail Shark

If you are a freshwater shark lover, you may already know about this Shark variety. There are several different freshwater sharks we can add to our aquariums.

From them, the Redtail shark is identified as the best tank mate for the Tiger barb fish. This fish has its own unique beauty and colours.

The care level for Redtail shark is can be stated as easy. So you can easily keep them and care for them in your freshwater fish tank.

This fish is a sem-aggressive fish. They might get aggressive over some behaviours. But still a good tank mate for the Tiger barb fish.

Redtail shark needs at least a 50-gallon tank to live. That is their minimum tank size. This Shark fish will grow up to 5 inches.


Tiger Barb is an active fish that we can keep in our freshwater aquariums. But as we all know, Tiger barb is a fin nipper.

They cannot add with all the freshwater fish types. But there a few freshwater varieties that can be identified as best tank mates for Tiger barbs.

This article has listed 10 types of tank mates for Tiger barbs with a few basic details and images of them

Feel free to share this article with freshwater fish lovers and happy reading. Thank you.

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