Popular Livebearers fish types

What means by the Livebearers fish? What are the Livebearer fish types? Well, this article is about to answer all your questions about livebearer fish types.

What is a livebearer fish?

The first things are first, let me first explain what is a livebearer fish and how they get different from the other freshwater fish types.

If you are a fan of my blog, you may read my articles about Platy fish, Mollies and Guppy fish. If you have read them carefully, I have used the term livebearer for each those fish.

Because they are livebearer fish types, So what is the common thing them?

The most common thing of these fish types is, they all retain eggs inside their body and give birth to the live fish fry.

Have you ever seen an egg of a platyfish? Well, you never can see a single egg of a Platies since they keep them inside their body and give birth to the live baby fish.

Most of the other freshwater aquarium fish lay eggs to give birth to the baby fish, while livebearer directly gives birth to the baby fish.

So simply freshwater livebearers are the fish that give live birth.

More about livebearer fish types

Let’s talk about these awesome freshwater fish type.

Fish like livebearers are easy to care. So you don’t need to worry about caring for them in your fish tank.

They match with aquarium beginners. As you don’t need special knowledge to keep them in your tank, they will suit you even if you are a beginner.

Even if they are easy to care, you must have an idea about the basics of each of these fish to give them better and peaceful like inside your fish tank.

Never add them with larger fish types such as carps. There is a high chance that your livebearer can the diet of your bigger fatty fish.

They are also best for your planted tanks. They are love to live in planted environments as a smaller fish.

Livebearer fish types and freshwater livebearer fish list

Basically, there are several freshwater fish types that are also known as the best livebearer fish types. I am gonna write about each type separately.

Platy fish

Platy fish

Parties are one of the best livebearer fish types. This fish is highly beautiful and very common in most of the countries.

The Scientific name for the Platy fish is “Xiphophorus maculatus”. Platy is a fish from Xiphophorus fish genus.

Platies are easy to care and easy to breed. This is a top fish in the freshwater livebearer fish list. They are also good for your planted aquarium.

This fish is very popular there are a lot of different types of Platy fish variations we can see in the freshwater aquariums.

They will give birth to a lot of baby fish at one time. So the breeding them is not a hard job. You must provide better hiding spots for them.

This is very livebearer for your fish tank. All you need to do is giving them better space in your fish tank. You can read more about them in my Platy fish guide on this website.

A well-grown Platy fish can grow until 2.8 inches. So the max size is for the Platy fish is about 2.8 inches (7cm) in size. Platy fish life span is about 3-4 years.

As the tank mates, you can add any smaller fish types with them. Platy are peaceful but can be fin nippers some times.

When considering the tank size for the Platies. A Platy fish needs to have at least a 10 gallons fish tank with water temperature 70°-80°F.

To know more about them please refer to the article linked above.

Guppy fish

Guppy fish

I am so sure you know about the Guppy fish. They are very popular in all most all countries. And they just look awesome.

Guppy fish originate from northeast South America. They will live in most of the different environment without any trouble.

This fish is a smaller tropical fish and from the fish genus of “Poecilia reticulata”. Commonly they have known as Guppies or Guppy fish.

There are so many different variations of guppies. This is also one of the best livebearer fish to add into your livebearer fish tank.

Their variations and their various types make them highly popular around the world. Also, this is one of the best fish for aquarium beginners because they are very easy to care for.

It is easy to identify male and female guppies. The male one has a long tail and looks very beautiful when comparing with female fish.

When considering the lifespan of a guppy fish, Guppy fish will live around 2 years. They also giving birth to live fish as a livebearer.

The male Guppy fish will grow about a maximum of 1.4 inches.  and the female one can grow around 2.4 inches.

Guppy fish need to have at least a 5 gallons fish tank, But a 10 gallons fish tank is a best practice. The water temperature needs to be at 78 – 82 °F.

Molly fish

Molly fish

This is another top fish from the livebearer family. This kind looks similar to the Platy fish. But Molly fish is also unique with the characters.

There are also have various different types of Molly fish in the freshwater aquariums. Mollies are not rare. They are pretty common in most of the countries.

Baloon Molly is one of the most popular types from the Molly fish varieties. They become popular with their unique curvy body shape.

Breeding the Molly fish is not a hard job. They are also can easily breed same as the Platy fish. Normally Molly also required the same environment as the Platy fish.

They are good with planted tanks and also they eat algae in your fish tank. Molly is an active fish. They very different colour variation in them as well.

You can add other livebearers and small Barb fish types or Tetra types as their tank mates. If you like to know more about Tetra types you can watch this youtube video for that. Its shows 25 different types of Tetra fish.

An adult Molly fish will grow until 3 inches. The max size of the Molly fish can be different from the foods and living conditions. Normally x size of a healthy adult Molly fish is about 3 inches.

Molly fish also have a good life span as a smaller livebearer fish. The life span of a molly fish for about 5 years.

When considering about tank size for this fish, A Molly fish is required at least a 10 gallons fish tank. The water temperature needs to be between 70-82 °F.

To read more about them, Please refer my Molly fish article on this website.

Swordtail fish

Swordtail-fish | Kai Schreiber | flicker.com
Swordtail fish | Kai Schreiber | flicker.com

This fish is another highly popular livebearer fish and well known by most aquarium lovers. Swordtails have a unique sword-shaped tail when comparing to other fish types.

The male swordtail fish has the sword-shaped tail while the female looks like a normal fish. They also have different colour variations but most colours based on red-orange.

This is also easy to care and easy to breed. They also one of the best for your planted fish tank. Since this fish is easy to care, they are also good for beginners.

Swordtails are highly popular as a good Livebearers fish for the freshwater community fish tanks. This fish is also most of the time peaceful and friendly.

As the tank mates, you can add smaller freshwater fish types, Aquarium Snails, Shrimps and any other livebearers fish with them.

This pretty little livebearers fish needs to have at least 15 gallons of a fish tank. The water temperature needs to be between 70-82°F.

Below video shows is from the Tech Nova youtube channel and is showing the different types of swordtail fish.

Endler’s livebearer

endler's livebearer
Endler’s livebearer

This variety is very cute and attractive little fish which is also highly popular livebearer fish types. Their colours and the look makes them highly attractive.

Endler’s are a species of “Poecilia wingei”. Also, this fish is from the fish family of Poeciliidae“. This fish is also known as the Endler Guppy.

They have the shape of the Guppy fish but the size is smaller and the fins, colours are different than the guppy fish. Endlers mostly have neon kind shiny colours.

These colour difference and the patterns are making them highly popular. They are easy to breed and easy to cross-breed as well.

This is also great tropical fish for your freshwater planted tank. If you are a beginner Endler’s Livebearer is a good fish for your start.

Endler fish is native to the Paria Peninsula in Venezuela. In some countries, they are also now live in natural environments.

The male fish grow until 1 inch while the female one will grow to 1.8 inches. You can add other livebearers as tank mates for these fish.

Endler’s livebearer needs to have at least 20 gallons fish tank. Water temperature is about 78-80°F. The life span of Endler’s livebearer

Below I have attached the video from Tech Nova youtube channel about the different types of Endler’s livebearers


Livebearers are fish that give birth to the live fish fry.  They keep eggs in their body and give birth to live baby fish.

There are several types of Livebearer fish types. All of them good for the community tanks. Each of the types required specific tank space.

Livebraeres are easy to care and keep in your fish tank. Breeding the Livebearer fish is not a hard task. So this fish is also best for beginners.

As tank mates, they are commonly OK with the same size smaller fish types and other livebearer types. Each of the Livebearers has its own different species.

From all the Livebearers, Endler’s livebearer is most popular. They have specific attractive look.

Below, the video also shows the different types of livebearer fish types.

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