Different types of Aquarium Snails

Aquarium Snails are one type of small snails that we can add as a member of the tank. In this article, I’m about to talk about the best Aquarium Snails types.

There is various kind of Aquarium Snails we can add in our fish tanks. Each type has a unique looking shells, colors and color patterns.

Let’s discuss more freshwater aquarium snails that you can add into your freshwater fish tanks.

Adding Aquarium Snails types into your fish tank

There are few reasons to add Snails into your fish tanks. But by adding them to your tan there are many advantages as well as some disadvantages too.

Besides fish, Aquarium Snails have unique behaviour on their own. This will give your change of looking at your aquarium.

Advantages and Benefits of adding  Aquarium Snails.

Snails are a good algae eater. So if you algae problem in your tanks, Snails will be a good solution for that.

Not only the algae, but Aquarium Snails are also a good solution to remove harmful substances, leftover food parts, and old plant leaves or rotting leaves

Most of the time Aquarium Snails are like to stay in the walls of tanks, decorations of the tank or the bottom. They will be a part of the cleanup job also and eat bad substances of your tank.

Disadvantages of adding Snails

As the disadvantages, I don’t have much to write about, but the biggest advantage of adding them is, If you don’t control them they will reproduce so much and your tank might end up as a Snail tank.

So if you could add snails in same-gender that would be good. Because they laying a lot of eggs in when reproducing.

Various Aquarium Snails types

Same as the most Aquarium fish types, there various different Aquarium Snails types we can see in freshwater aquariums.

Each of this Aquarium Snail is looking different by their colors and shell shapes. Here I have listed some good Aquarium Snails for your freshwater fish tank.

The Golden Mystery Snails

Golden Mystery Snails

This is one type of good looking Aquarium Snail we can add into our tanks and ponds.

They have a bright gold color in their shell and that will make them match with brighter color fish types.

This Aquarium Snail is consuming left out fish food parts mostly.

So this Snail is a good cleaner for your fish tank. Golden Mystery Snail is one type of bigger Aquarium Snail in the freshwater aquariums.

This one is friendly Snail, So there will be no harm to other fish by adding this Snail to your aquariums.

The Trumpet Aquarium Snails

Trumpet Snail

This is another good Aquarium Snail for your fish tank. But there is a problem with this Snail, The Trumpet Snails are multiplying very quickly. So they will breed quickly.

This Snail is a very good algae eater. If you are looking for support for cleaning algae, this Aquarium Snails type is a very good solution for that.

Not only the algae they also eat food waste and other fish wastes in the aquarium. That will make them the best cleaner for your aquarium.

They waste they produce after eating may harm fish. That’s one bigger disadvantage of having them.

The Nerite Snails

The Nerite Snail is another good selection for your freshwater aquarium. They are looking good with their shells.

They have lovely dark color stripes which makes them really attractive.

This Aquarium Snail is a good algae eater, They mostly consume algae and help you to control your fish tank algae level with a natural solution.

This snail is most famous as a good fish tank cleaner. This fish only reproduce in brackish water, So you don’t need to worry about the fast reproduction of Snail with this Aquarium Snails type.

This Snail is also very friendly. So you can add them to your freshwater fish tank without worrying too much about it.

The Tiger Nerite Snails

This is another version of Nerite Snails. This Aquarium Snail is also having a unique beauty in it. They have a fancy design with red and orange mix color with some dark dotted line.

Because of that color pattern, they look attractive with green or planted backgrounds.

This Snail type is also a friendly one. There will be no harm for your freshwater fish from this snail. Also, this one is a good cleaner.

The copper level of your fish tank will decide the health level for this Snail. So you must care about the copper level of your fish tank if you have this snail.

The Japanese Trapdoor Snails

Trapdoor Snail is a good selection for your fish tank. They look so unique since they have a spiral look in their shells. That will make this Aquarium Snail unique from most other Snail types.

This Snail is also a good cleaner. They clean your fish tank glass walls and substrate of your fish tank. Also, this snail consumes leftover food parts in the fish tank.

So this Aquarium Snail is also a good cleaning the best aquarium Snail for your freshwater fish tank.

The Assassin Snails

As in their name, They act as a kind of assassin in your fish tank. This Snail type is eating other Aquarium Snails. That makes them an assassin in the fish tank.

The reason people adding this Snail into their fish tank is to control the population of the Aquarium Snails. I am not gonna say this will the best solution, but it is a successful solution for controlling them.

They have a good look with yellow rounded lines in their black shells.

These fish do not act like a normal cleaner for your fish tank. They don’t eat algae. So if you are looking for a Snail to control algae and substrate, this one is not a good choice for you.

The Ivory Snails

Ivory Snails

This is another good type of Snail to your freshwater fish tank. This one a good community Snail.

They are friendly and no harm to other fish or Snails. The best thing is, this Aquarium Snails type is not reproducing very quickly as other most types.

This fish good with tank mates like Guppy, Discus, and Platy.

This is one of the best cleaners for your tank because Ivory Snails love to eat algae and other leftover food parts in your fish tank.

The size of this Snail is kinds a big when comparing most of the other Snails. They are really useful in a freshwater fish tank.

The Blue Mystery Aquarium Snails

This snail is a kind of looks different than most other Aquarium Snails by its dark color.

Basically, the body shape and the size of this snail are similar to the Golden Mystery Snail. But the color is totally different.

If you want a good substrate cleaner solution for your fish tank, This Aquarium Snails type is a good solution for you. Because this snail is love to eat substrate and food parts in your fish tank.

Having this Snail in your fish tank will give some unique different look to the tanks since its dark color look.

Normally this Snail is come up the tank to get air for them. So you should consider the water level of your fish tank. Too much high water level is not good for this Aquarium Snail.


This article was based on Aquarium Snails types. So in the first two headings, I write about the importance of having aquarium snails in your tank and as well as the pros and cons of having Aquarium Snails.

After that under Aquarium Snails types heading, I have introduced some best types of Aquarium Snails that we can ad in our freshwater tanks.

Here one of my YouTube video that I have shared about Aquarium Snails types


I have written down the benefits of having them and what they basically do or clean on the tank.

I hope this article was useful to you. If you find it useful please share it with friends using the social share buttons.

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